Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Someone was canned :O

*skips to assembly*
Raphael was the MC!
Speeches and all.
Bla bla bla..
Then it was time for my school principal, Ms Robinette to make her speech.
When she was talking, someone was talking among us.
Ms Robinette asked our school head prefect, Amabel, who was talking.
Amabel just raise her shoulders - showing that she didn't know.
So, Mr. Kong - the discipline teacher caught that person - Charis Lorin (Teofilus's brother).
Ms Robinette asked Mr. Kong to bring the boy out from the school hall.
Guess what did the boy did?
He talked to his brother, Teofilus (which is a school prefect).
All of the sudden, Ms Robinette ordered the boy to go on stage.
Mr. Kong escort the boy to the stage.
After that, Ms Robinette talked to him. *we can't hear them -.-*
Both of them kept talking.
When Ms Robinette asked him, the boy keep moving and doesn't stand straight while talking.
Ms Robinette was so mad that she asked for the cane from Mr. Kong and canned the boy's right hand.
The boy looked like he didn't care and I think he said that it wasn't painful.
So, Ms Robinette asked him to bend and she canned the boy's butt, 4 times!
Then, she asked the boy to stand on the right of the stage.
Ms Robinette continued with her speech and all.
And.. THE END! :D

After the assembly,
There was a spotcheck.
But the teachers wanted the boys to go first.
The girls stay in the school hall.
I was like, "Are they going to check our private parts?"
The teachers told the boy prefects to leave the school hall and make sure no other boys are in.
Finally.. They were just showing slideshows of the "girl's toilet."

In the afternoon,
I went for BSMM meeting :D
I was hoping to see Raphael.
But, there were no sign of him -.-"