Friday, January 28, 2011

I blushed xD

This morning, in school, at 8.10am,
Kelvin Wong came to my class to write a notice about Macdougal's foot drill.
When I saw him, I thought Raphael was with him.
So, I looked outside,
But still, no sign of Raphael.
I was daydreaming while looking outside til Raphael appeared all of the sudden.
He saw me and I saw him.
And then, he came into my class to look at what Kelvin wrote on the blackboard.
That time I put my head down because I was blushing.
Everyone in class was saying, "Karen.." and "err hemm".
Syarfaizzul said to me, "Karen, kamu suka dia kan?"
Then, Darren said to Raphael, "Raphael, dia suka kamu" - a lot of times.
Raphael just waved his hand.
After Raphael and Kelvin left, Azman said to me, "wahhh! Raphael! Sanggup dia oh..datang sini cari kamu. Memang cinta sejati"

I went to 4E3 because Eileen asked me to look for her - about the Chinese Club valentines'.
But, I didn't saw Raphael.
The bell rang after that.
So, I decided to run down the stairs.
6 steps before the stairs, Raphael was coming up with his Science book xD
I just pretend that I didn't saw him.

And, thanks to Chan Yik Khan for telling what Raphael wants, that is a wallet. He suggested leather xD


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can't pay attention!

All the subject teachers gave us a lot of homework.
If there are lots of homework to do,
Then, there's no need for HOLIDAY anymore.

Today was just another boring day in school.
And and, Corina was absent.
At first, I thought she would turned up late - I guessed wrong.

After that, for "Prinsip Perakaunan" class,
This is rather embarrassing..haha.
Not for me, but my friend.
Tham Sing Yew wants to borrow RM4 from me..haha.
There, I said it!
But I did not borrow him any since I don't have any small change.
I have a RM50 note at that time.
Melody, if you're reading this. SORRY!
Tham Sing Yew and Aubrey keep talking behind me.
I cannot pay attention to what the teacher was saying you know.

*Class Ends*
I saw Raphael in the school hall.
He was wearing a cap and he looked HOT + CUTE!
Haha..he was wearing a pink shirt (BSMM) xD
And, we looked at each other too.
I heard Kelvin Wong said to him,"RAPHAEL!!! KAREN!". hahahahahahaha..
Then, I smiled all the way home.
Because I was happy, of course! :D


Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm a bit pissed off

My friend told me that he lost my money.
I was really angry today.
But during recess, I was still a bit mad until I saw Raphael - I cooled down a bit.
And then, in the afternoon,
I went for "Rumah Sukan". Bla bla bla bla

I couldn't write much today since I have nothing interesting to write.
So SORRY! I'll think of something for the next post :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Schooling on Saturday !

Same as the 5 days - Monday to Friday.
And recess, in 4E3, this I cannot accept.
Eileen hid my food in her shirt.
My goodness =.="
Then, I was on my way back to class.
But Sharon told me that Theresa called me.
So, I went into 4E4.
There, I saw Elroy, Teofilus, Desmond, Raphael, Vanessa and Chan Yik Khan.
When I was standing beside Theresa,
Desmond greet me - "Hi! Karen."
Yik Khan greet me too - but not as I expected.
He said,
"Hi! Raphael."
And said, "Hi! Karen" to Raphael.
I saw Raphael looked so blur when I was there..haha.
And and, Theresa asked me to come over to her class every recess.
How great is that.

*Skip to School ends* (I saw Raphael using the front gate) xD
As I arrived home, I bathed and get ready to MCC field.
And, it was BORING!
After that, I went to KK bookstore to buy 2 long books.
And, guess what. I bought something for Raphael - I mean for his birthday.
I know it's months away.
But, it is better to be prepare early.
That means, this is the first present I bought him - HOORAY~
I wanted to buy one more thing for him - for his birthday I mean.
Unfortunately, I don't know what he wants.
This I got to ask.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy, busy, busy !

*In school*
When I arrived school,
I realized that I forgot to finish my Mathematics homework.
So, I took it out from my bag.
As soon as I start, the class monitor asked me to wipe the window.
But I did not do as what he says :D
I just continue with my work.

During recess, I need to go and find Eileen at 4E3 to give her the Chinese Club Valentines' List back.
Then, on the way going down from block C, I saw Tham, Desmond, Franke and so on.
I thought Raphael was with one of them, but NO! 
I walked passed the school toilet and I was feeling so down because I didn't get the chance to see Raphael.
But then, a miracle happened. <---- as if..haha.
Who knows, Raphael was taking laksa soup.
I saw him and innocently walked behind him.
After that, I walked to the staff room to pass up my PJK exercise book.
Lastly, I need to buy food at the canteen as I was really hungry.

*School Ends*
I totally forgot that Raphael was in the Science Lab, 2 periods before school ends.
So, I keep looking upstairs to see him when school ended.
Unfortunately, there was no sign of him.
But, I saw Chan Yik Khan.
That's for sure. xD

Maybe my story is not logically. It's because I only write what's on my mind and quickly skip it..haha


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woahh! Raphael...AGAIN???

*Skipping to recess* hahaha
During recess, I went to 4E3 to meet Eileen and Shereen - to buy Valentines'.
And and, I saw Raphael.
OMG! I was panic but try to act cool..hehe.
That time, Desmond greet me "Karen, long time no see".
And I know that Raphael usually go to 4E4.
But after he saw me going into 4E3 - Raphael's class, he immediately went into his class and was there the whole recess..hehe.
For your information, I was really busy that time D:

*School Ends*
After school ends, I still have "Prinsip Perakaunan" at 5L4.
There were about 30 people.
I was sitting with Felicia.
And, I saw Tham Sing Yew, Aubrey and Siong Yaw there.
So, I thought Raphael was coming for "Prinsip Perakaunan" too.
But too bad, he's not - because half an hour after that, Raphael and Kelvin Wong came to see and pass something to Tham.
Then, I remembered that Raphael has to go for Red Crescent foot drill.
When "Prinsip Perakaunan" ended, I used the school front gate to walk out.
And that's when I saw Raphael again.
He was at the school hall with his gang.

Sorry for keep mentioning about Raphael. I just can't help it.


Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Monday!!! *yawning*

Today was a cold and rainy day - AGAIN.
But still, I manage to go to school even-though it was raining.
*Skip my story to school*

I learned Maths today and it was damn hard.
And, I never like Maths - NEVER!
After that, Bahasa Melayu.
This subject is fine but I hate to do the ESSAY part.

Then, *ring* RECESS!!!
Oh yes, I do love recess.
Always been the best time is school.
Lepas tu, belajar Sains pula - BORING!
Don't get me wrong. I love Science but not the teacher.
But what to do. It had been decided that SHE teach us Science.
Next was English.
My English is well and fine.
No need to worry about that..hehe!
Lastly, Pendidikan Moral.
During Morale, we all need to act.
My group acted as SMOKERS! *LOL*
And it was so funny.
And and, they were only 3 boys and 10 girls in Morale class.
So, it is equal to 13 students.
I know right.

 By the way, I've updated ZEE Matanawee Keenan's page! :D


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Co-Curriculum Day

Well, to start off,
It was a cold and rainy morning.
I feel like sleeping til 12 noon.
But I had to wake up - to go to school.

Let's continue..
I woke up at 7 am and got ready for school.
On my way to school, I had to go through obstacles - rain drops, lots of them xD
And when I arrived, I need to go to "Bilik 4" for BSMM registration.
During BSMM registration,
Mr. Kong came in and scold us about the letter "D".
Guess what the "D" stands for..
It stands for "Discipline".
We, Form 4's got scold because of our discipline.
After that, we need to write our names for attendance and pay RM 2 - fee.
While I was writing my name, HE was in front of me..xD
I was so happy.

After BSMM registration, I went for my ICT club.
Unfortunately, I was late - 10 minutes.
And and, I sign up myself as the ICT prefect..haha!
But, the teacher will choose who gets to be the ICT prefect.
She needs to interview us all one by one next week.
For your information, you have to pay RM 1 to use the computer in 30 minutes, and as for the ICT club members, we only need to pay 50 cents for 30 minutes.
But as for the ICT prefect, its FREE.

Now, let's move on.
After the ICT registration, I went for Badminton.
Badminton was full =.="
Which one would you choose? Monday or Friday?
I chose Friday..hehe.
But, Friday was really really really full.
Then, I need to write my name, class, IC number, and gender.
And then, pay the fee.
Plus, now I know that HE is in Badminton club.
Woahh, my lucky day. I'm in 2 out of 3 of his club.

Lastly, I went home.
And, this is where the story ends.
See you whenever.
Muacksss ! >.<


Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday?? It's not even weekend.

I told you all that I would only update my blog every weekend, RIGHT?
Sooooooo, actually it was suppose to be "I'll update my blog whenever I'm free & online."
Get that? hahahaha.

*Topic change*
OMG! I saw HIM in Science Lab just now.
Yay~ So happy :D


Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Timer

This is my first blog.
So, that means that I am a first timer and I don't anything about blogging.
And and, I won't be updating my blog always.
I will only update it every weekend.