Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today I have "Perdagangan's" presentation + Morale presentation + English's oral =.="

After school, I passed by 3T9 and 3T10.
Jia Hui and Alvin saw me and greeted me xD
But then, I realized one thing,
Chin Wei wasn't there.
He usually come and disturb me.

After arriving home, I immediately online.
And suddenly the chat box appeared below.
Guess, who is it from? It's from Chin Wei. *LOL*
He told me that he woke up at 1.30pm.
That's why he didn't turn up at school today o(∩_∩)o

CN Blue - Intuition


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I feel like updating x)

Last Sunday was quite funny.
Roystance passed by me and my mum in church.
Then, he shook hands with my mum.
After that, he almost walked away.
But, my mum pulled his hand and he looked at me.
So, we shook hands and smiled to each other :D

Yesterday, lain cerita.
Primary school students talked to me as if they know me.
They were so friendly x)
And and, they even gave me a chocolate sweet.
Aww.. That's so sweet :3

Today, ermm..
What should I write about today?,
I saw my 3K seniors and didn't greet them.
I kept forgetting.
My friend keep on saying,
"Karen! Erhem."
Only then I realized that I passed by a 3K senior =.="
One more thing, Syarfaizzul.
What is wrong with that boy??
Suddenly, he sat on my chair next to me.
I mean sat on the same chair as me.
Half of the people in class were looking at us =.="
And then, all of the sudden, he asked me,
"Karen, kamu suka Raphael kan?"
I just answered, "Tak la. Dah ada gerek baru."




Friday, April 15, 2011

Forgot to post about my result xD

Here's the thing. My result is kindaaa okay..
Here's the picture of it..

I know that it's not that clear.
But, try to look closely.
Just don't damage your eye.. haha

Yesterday, I took care of the ICT room again.
I told Kelvin and he said, "kepo la you." Haha.
He was staying back for account class that time.
During afternoon session's recess yesterday, the 5 person came again.. =.="
3T10 people keep calling my name every time I passed by their class =.="
I know I am famous in the afternoon session la.
So what if I am the ex da jie!
I am no more a da jie =P

By the way.. I wanna use this logo as the 3K's logo. Nice what!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new friend :)

Well, to start off,
Kelvin is staying back for account's exhibition preparation.
Me? I am staying back for ICT's prefect duty.
And, I am in the ICT room right now..haha.
Kelvin even came to ICT

During afternoon session's recess just now,
There's these 3 chinese girls coming to ICT.
They asked me if they can online for a while.
I said can.
Then, 2 more came.
A boy and a girl.
It was Jia Hui and a guy that I don't know.
Jia Hui is my friend.
But, I don't know that guy.
All I know is that he is a paikia.
His name is Chin Wei if I am not mistaken.
I looked at his name tag just now =.="
The weird thing is, he kept looking at me.
OMG! The most terrifying one was when I was sitting down, he came near me - closely and look me in the eye.
In my heart, I was like, "OMG! He is so cute.."
Then, I said, "What?" to him in chinese.
He just smiled at me.
After that he grabbed my pen and gave it back to me.
Bla bla bla, he went out and said,
"Bye-bye" to me =.='''

Ishhhh.. I am speechless ~.~


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleepy me~

What happen these days?
Keep raining.
And, it's not even raining season =.="

Anyways, as I arrived at school this morning,
Everyone was already lining up outside their classes to get ready to go for assembly.
Luckily my friend who was in charge of the lock was still there.
I asked him to open the door quickly.
Then, off I go for assembly.

I didn't go to 4E4 today as I was really sleepy and tired.
Sorry to Theresa.
And, when the bell rang for the second time,
I went to throw the rubbish with Sharon just to waste time.
As soon as we arrived the "rubbish dump",
I have no idea how to throw the rubbish as the gateway was really a dump/blocked.
So.. Simply!
I saw Senior Leong Poh Kiong there too..haha.
And, I said, "Good morning, Senior Poh Kiong."
He is the first senior that I said good morning to.

*School ends*
Oh yeah, I finished early today, 1pm.
The last period was English.
Miss Mabel asked us all to take out our text book, but only a few brought theirs, including me xD
So, the teacher asked them to borrow from other classes.
They all went to art and science stream classes and there were NONE!
But, guess what.
We were having spelling test.
It was like I am back in elementary school..hahaha

P/S : I have something in mind and really important to say. But, I don't want to say it out. I don't want to hurt someone's feeling.

Crazy Love

Quote of the day : "God doesn't bless us just to make us happy; He blesses us to make us a blessing."