Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye :')

Hmm.. CW's flight to Penang was this morning. at 3am. Arrive safely, please!
I miss him already *in a brother type of way* :')

CW.. This is for you. We listened and watched this MV together last time :)

And and and, my laptop is back! :)

*short and simple again..


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday starts *wee*

It's Gawai's holiday! *woots*

Hehe.. I went to CW's profile just now and wrote, "ni dao Penang le?" on his wall. He replied, not yet. Tuesday, 3am is my flight.

He's not gone yet. Yeshhh! >.<

*short and simple xD


Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day for CW and Miss Mabel :(

Today might be a happy day for most people. But, not for me. Because today is the last day I saw CW and Miss Mabel - my English teacher :(

After exam, we - 4E9 students - arranged the tables back according to the labels. After that, we took lots of pictures with Miss Mabel in and outside class using Miss Mabel's camera. LOTS I TELL YOU! xD

Then, during recess, my friends and I went to eat at a bench outside the assembly hall. Jia Hui saw me and called CW to come over. I waved goodbye to CW. He waved back and smiled. *LOL*
Adilla and Elizabeth knows him now.. xD Both of them saw him for the first and last time..

*Assembly starts*
During assembly, Miss Mabel and her sister, Madam Magdaline gave their last speech. Miss Mabel cried. Aww.. :( I almost cried just looking at her. But, I managed to control my tears :)
No longer after that, I saw Mr. Wong Kung Kui followed by CW was going somewhere. *Is he in trouble?* Then, it was time to go home. I saw CW's car, if not mistaken - QMR 5689.

Weird! Eanaa told me that she and CW used the same bus today. Permy Jaya's bus. But, he stopped at Servay Hypermarket. *WTH is he doing there?* =.="


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raphael's hello made me smile :)

Well, it's Zara's birthday.

Hmm.. To start off, I have PSV's exam today. At about 9am, I went out to wash my hands after painting. My hands were in blue colour =.="
On my way to the toilet sink, I saw Raphael. *OMG!* But, I pretended that I didn't see him. So, I just wash my hands and then, I heard a sudden and soft "Hello" from behind. I turn to the left, no one. I turn to the right and saw Raphael. I said, "Hey", he smiled and walked back to his class :)
I continued washing my hands and smiled alone there xD
Aww.. I didn't see CW today :(


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snap* Snap*

My exam starts today! Hehe.. Took pictures with CW after school too. School ended at 9.45am. Jia Hui took 9 pictures for us *weee*
Special thanks to : Kong Jia Hui xD
But, I will only post one picture >.<

Here you go..
I look short, I know =.="

Monday, May 23, 2011


Lol~ I was with CW during recess. Jia Hui, Charlena and her boyfriend, Thomas Then was with us too.
Haha.. Jia Hui said that 2 couples are between her. CW and Karen. Charlena and Thomas =.="

*LOL* CW looked so cool when he took out a packet of sweets from his left pocket xD *seriously*
Then, he asked me whether I want a piece of sweet or not. I answered, "No" =.="

*cerita tergantung*


Friday, May 20, 2011


Hmm.. Today, I was supposed to look for Jia Hui during recess, but I forgot =.="
Whatever!?!! Haha..
Jia Hui uploaded CW's picture that she took yesterday on Facebook and tagged me in it >.<

Here it is..
Cute right? Hahaha xD

After school, I have 3K meeting. At about 12 to 1.15pm at 5L4. It's about the 3K camp.
Then, at 3pm, I have to go for a party in my class. A simple party organized by us - 4E9 students - for our beloved Miss Mabel :) Food and drinks.. Lots of them. I wanted to eat all of it..haha. I was so full after eating.. I feel like puking. After eating, we all took pictures >.<

Here is my picture that my friend took for me.. *LOL*

And here's my class picture.. *4E9*
 I'm next to Miss Mabel xD


Thursday, May 19, 2011

I thought there was PJ today =.="

Hmmph! No PJ today. No use of wearing my PJ shirt to school =.="

Well, when I arrived school this morning, I walked with Theresa into the school compound until Block C. On our way, Lam Jii Hoe called me and asked for my essay. I told him that it was in my file. I was afraid that he would rip off my paper =P When Theresa and I passed the canteen, CW was there looking at me. How did I know? Theresa told me..hahahaha. Theresa and I was talking about Soo Wen..

During recess, I went to the assembly hall because Jia Hui told me to. When I arrived there, I saw Jia Hui was waiting with CW =.=" *WTH?* So, I sat beside CW. Sheesh! CW kept looking at me =.=" I was so nervous.. After that, the 3 of us moved to a "hut" in front of the Bilik Guru. Then, the school bell rang. I went back to class and smile like what.. =.="



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Form 1 - Form 3 exam starts~

Hmm.. Today, Form 1 to Form 3 starts with their exams. Haha.. I get to see Jia Hui and CW =P
LOL~ During recess, I saw Jia Hui and we went to canteen together. And, there he was - CW. He was sitting with his friends. Man! I was shy =.=" So, I didn't go and talk to him =.=" Hmmph!

Oh yeahhhhh! I got 41/50 for the essay that I wrote about Raphael. What the! Everyone wants to read it =.="

When I arrived home, Jia Hui told me that CW was in a bad mood today. *whew* Luckily I didn't go and talk to him.. xD

That's all. I think.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yay xD

Today, I take care of the ICT again xD

Haha. Few minutes before afternoon session's recess, I went down to canteen because I was hungry. Then, when I came up, the recess bell rang. Jia Hui asked me to follow her down to the canteen. So, yeah, I went with her. When we were at the canteen, CW was behind me and put his hand over my shoulder xD

After that Jia Hui asked him to buy something for her. Then, she asked me, "Karen! Want to buy anything or not? Ask him to buy" in chinese :) I just said no. After that, we came back upstairs into the ICT room. CW came in no longer after that too. He talked to me as usual. Not like yesterday xD He keep smiling at me today. I can't stop smiling looking at him xD


Monday, May 9, 2011

Moment spoiled D:

I was took care of the ICT room today.
I was all alone.
No internet in the ICT room for 3 hours =.="
And then, CW and Jia Hui came in :)
CW said,
"How's your test today? Okay?" in chinese.
I just reply, "En." *heartless xD*
After that, he sat beside me.
We didn't talk.
All of the sudden Jia Hui said,
"Let me go away first. Let you two talk. Don't just keep quiet." - in Chinese.

Few minutes after that, Cikgu Anang came in and catch Jia Hui + CW D:
Haih, teacher arr.. Why do you need to spoil everything.
I was about to talk to CW
Sad D:


Sunday, May 8, 2011

CW called me xD

Hehe.. CW called me again at tonight.
He was asking me if I would stay back tomorrow.
And, I said, "No"
I feel so sad saying no.
He even texted me :)

P/S : I know I kept writing about CW and Raphael right?
So what! That's what I do and this is my blog.
And, my posts are short because I don't have much time D:


Saturday, May 7, 2011


Dammit! I lost the paper to my next story =.="
*sakit hati* </3
But, I'll try my best to find it.

CW called me and texted me at night.
Aww.. Now I know why Jia Hui asked for my phone number.
CW wants it.
Thanks to Jia Hui, I feel so awkward around him =.="


Friday, May 6, 2011


Haha. Okay. Let's start~
Today, in the morning, nothing quite special happened ~.~
But, in the afternoon, aha, this I like xD
I stayed back for badminton with Sharon and Felicia.
We, Form 4's, the art stream, finished at 11.05am.
The three of us were bored in school. So, we went to Hot Cross Bun and G-mart.
As we were on our way back, I saw CW was sitting at the bus stop. He saw me and I waved at him xD
As we arrived into the school compound, we sat at the last bench on the right of the school hall.
Then, Sharon and Felicia wanted to go to the toilet. Whatever! hahaha. So, I'm all alone until CW came and said, "so late?" in Chinese. After that, they both came back and we moved to another station. We sat at the first bench on the left side of the school hall. *detail-ing much* =P

To be continue tomorrow xD

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to me~

Well, well, well. What day is it?
It's my birthday xD
Today was truly an unforgettable day. Special thanks to Cecilia Berador, Sharon Christabelle, Othman Lim, Heng Der Zhan and Chan Yik Khan for forcing/dragging Raphael down to wish me a happy birthday.

Well, it happened during recess xD *few minutes before 10m*
That time, I was in 4E8. I was eating with Sharon Henry and Felicia. And, all of the sudden, I heard noises outside the class. The first person I saw was Heng, followed by Cecilia, Raphael and lastly Sharon C.
Othman! Where were you? xD

Oh right, my story. Hmm.. Where was I? Ah, okay. Now I remember. I heard noises and saw Cecilia was pulling Raphael? LOL~ Raphael was forced to go into 4E8. After that, he said, "Hi!" with one of his hands up.

Then, finally, he blurt it out loud
He said,

Man! I was blushed. Everyone who saw and heard everything were making certain noises like, "woo" and 'weewit" hahahaha~

After that, I really can't stop smiling. I was so happy xD
Lots of people even said that Raphael is a gentleman xD *HE IS* - I feel proud ^^

P/S : My prayer on the night before my birthday was for Raphael to say happy birthday to me. And it came true. Thanks to the people that I had mentioned earlier and God as well~

If English exam was today, I would totally write about this on my essay. Sadly, it was yesterday. But, still, I wrote about him. My essay title was "The happiest day of my life" xD