Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Kelvin and I quarreled 2 days ago.
I feel so bad about it.
It was all my fault.
Blame it on me.

Today, I saw Kelvin.
He looked so pale.
So, during recess,
I asked him,
"Got drink water ma?"
He answered, "Got"

And and, I took care of the ICT room.
Because I am the ICT prefect NOW !
I was in charge until 5pm instead of 4pm.
What the hell, the form 3 students kept on opening/pushing/hitting the ICT door.
So, I scold them.
But, they deny for not opening the door.
Luckily the ICT president came and helped me xD
Thanks Rusdi :)

Kelvin, take care :) Love you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Be careful :)

Yesterday was so funny.
Poh Kiong keep on pulling the brake while Chien Fook was driving.
Scared me and Siong Yaw =.="
Chien Fook, thanks for sending me home.
*must remind myself to wear safety belt* xD

This morning, Kelvin messaged me and told me that he was injured.
He twisted his leg during competition.
But, he still stand til the last minute.
Now, he just can't walk properly.
Luckily it's just a small injury :)

Kelvin, be careful next time :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

Heart broke..

My heart is broken.
Elroy hor.. Why did you have to tell me?
And talk bad? I know everything.
Now, I feel so heart broken.
Theresa, you too.
But, both of you are right.
I believe both of you.
Bak kata Elroy, "my foot ah"

Going to 4E4 on Monday.
To find Theresa.
We need to discuss something important with someone.
I can't tell you what.
To Theresa, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Short and simple ^_^

Quote of the day : You'll just have to believe yourself and take a step forward. -Betram Hiung-


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I miss you..

Kelvin messaged me last night to tell me that he have to come to school today.
The principal wanted to see them.
Them, as in the basketball players.
They leave for Marudi at 9 o'clock in the morning.
They are having a basketball competition tomorrow.
When I arrived in school today,
Kelvin was there.
OMG! He look so.. What's the word?
At the assembly hall, before assembly starts,
Kelvin poked my.
And then, wave goodbye to me..
That was so sweet.
Love you Kelvin ^^

My Precious

Quote of the day : Believe in God, cause there are some questions even Google can't answer.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I received my exam papers.
Haih, worse marks in my whole life.
I never get this low before.
I mean for Bahasa Malaysia.
For Sejarah and Mathematics, I know I was going to fail both of this subject.
I got 36% for Bahasa Malaysia, 31% for Sejarah and 27% for Mathematics.
This is the first time I get below 30% for my Maths.
But, it's okay.
This is my first exam for this year.
I don't mind failing.
I am just afraid that I would fail in the other semesters.

*School Ends*
I saw Kelvin outside the "Pejabat am" and we both walked until in front of block A's notice board.

My favourite subject = English literature. I love all the stories.
This is what on top of my bed looks like when I don't know what homework do I have. (took this using my other phone)
And and and, I took this picture for fun.. xD (not clear..lol)

Last, but not least.
Did this at around 3 o'clock just now..hahahahahaha.
*It means Kelvin loves Karen equal 3K.
3K means some kind of prefect..hahaha.
He is the 3K head prefect xD

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Afternoon people xD
I am so tired today.
Last night, I only slept for 4 hours =.="
And this morning,
I woke up at 6.30am to prepare to go to school at 8am later and finish my job.
But then, Chien Fook messaged me and told me that Miss Teng changed the time to 9am.
I was like, "What the..??"
I was already finish bathing that time.
So.. bla bla bla.

I went to school at about 10 minutes before 9am.
On my way, there's this two paikia said "HI" to me =.="
They look at me like what =.="
And, when I arrived,
What did I saw?
Everyone was just sitting there doing nothing.
At 9.30am ++, we started to do our job and was done before 11am.
Kelvin couldn't come today because he has basketball training.

It's been a long time since I took my own picture.
Here it is..
Before going to school xD

And and and, before I forget.
I did this on 8 March 2011.
This is when I was having morale's exam.. xD

To, Kelvin.
Nahh, you want to see the picture that I took when you were spraying my class table right?
Here you go.. haha
*I took the picture from behind because I don't want you to know* xD
Kelvin Yii! Spraying the code number on my class tables xD


Friday, March 18, 2011

Hehe xD

Good afternoon everyone.
Well, today I don't really have much to tell about.
Kelvin went for Basketball training this morning.
He loves basketball, like me.
Tapi, dia terlalu obsess..haha
But, I did webcam with Kelvin xD
Our first webcam..hehe
*He took this picture* haha

He wrote this during webcam-ing just now.. hehe. I love that one. *Focus on the K and heart*

And, yesterday I took this picture.
For your information, I wrote the number 59 on 15 March 2011.
But, I took the picture on 17 March 2011..haha.
I don't know who's hand print is that.
Want to know why I wrote 59?
It is because I like the number 5 and he like the number 9 >.<

*In 5L5* xD
Last night, my mother saw my wallpaper picture in my phone - Me and Kelvin.
Then, she asked me, "Anymore picture?"
I said, "No."
My mother said, "ha?? only 1?" 
That's it..hahaha.

And, to Eanaa.
She said, "You two looks cute together."


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aww.. ^^

I've been coming to school on holidays *yawning*
And, I am not complaining.
Just saying that I don't have enough sleep.
Coming to school for 3K duty.
Need to paint and spray the tables + chairs.

Kelvin arr..
Why is 3K duty so tiring?
Answer me!!! Hahaha.. Just kidding =P
Ishhh.. My back hurts for bending down too much.
So does my leg for walking and running here and there.
But, as long as I can see Kelvin, I am already happy.

Here's a picture on 15 March 2011.
Our first picture.
Credits to Leong Poh Kiong xD

And, Kelvin arr..
Just now I took 3 pictures of you spraying my class table =P

Love you Kelvin :D


Friday, March 11, 2011

Identity revealed xD

Today is Mr. K aka Kelvin Yii Chee Hieng's birthday. Hahaha.
He wants a TRUE HEART from me as a present.
But, I told him to wait.
I know it's hard to wait for a present that is really meaningful.
But, he is willingly to wait.

On this very special day, we went to Sun City to have lunch since we have things to do in the afternoon.
This arr.. Everyone who knows us smiled.
Because they saw us together..haha.

OMG! Mr. Chua knows. I bet he is going to tell Raphael D:


Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is the time Mr. K became my BOYFRIEND! xD

Let me tell you how it started...!!
I started to like Mr. K on the second day of sports day.
That time, Claudia and I was coming  up to the grand stand.
We saw Mr. K and Claudia immediately said, "Don't you have anything fun to do?"
Mr. K answered, "Support me." and smiled.
And that was when I started to fell in love.
I know right >.<

*messaging* I realized that he kept asking me who I like.
But I forced him to say out first.
Finally, he said he like me. OMG!
*smiling* Then, I told him that I like him too.
At 6.50pm, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
OMG! This makes my heart beat so fast.
And, I accepted him :)

I will reveal Mr. K in the next post..

P/S : I still love Raphael :')