Monday, October 31, 2011

I see, I hear

It was a fine morning,
My one of my teacher starts to be racist.
Teacher: Syarfaizul! Kenapa pakai rantai? Nak masuk Kristian ke apa?
*Harryzon starts to get mad*
Syarfaizul: Ha? Kenapa cikgu?
Teacher: Tau tak? Rantai tu untuk perempuan saje. Accessories perempuan, lelaki tak boleh pakai. Macam klip rambut, laki pun tak boleh pakai. Cincin tak ape lah.
Syarfaizul: Ohh..
Teacher: Ada tak awak nampak Nabi Muhammad pakai rantai? Takde kan?
Syarfaizul: *Talking to his friends + doesn't want to listen to the teacher*
Teacher: Syarfaizul!
Syarfaizul: Ha?
Teacher: *Talking to Syarfaizul in a low tone*
*Harryzon was mad listening to the teacher that he hit the table and walked out of class.
Luckily the teacher didn't saw him. Lol?

My friends told everything to the Morale teacher.
But, they didn't say out the name.

Eanaa told me that 4E4 checked my class's Mathematics 2 exam paper.
Eanaa told me that Theresa took mine and checked it - "conteng" it as well -.-
Theresa also said, "Pandai juga Karen." :D
When Eanaa headed out of 4E8,
I told her that I wanted to go and find Theresa - to ask her.
So, we walked together until I realized that I forgot my wallet.
I told Eanaa that I wanted to get my wallet and asked her to go first - Raphael was 10 steps in front and was heading our way.
It's like I was running away from Raphael.
And so,
I ran back to my class as fast as I could - 5 more minutes til the school bell rang.
I got my wallet and ran towards Block C.
I saw Raphael again.
Man! He is SLOW..
Before I ran back TO class, he was passing the school library.
After I ran back FROM my class, he was passing in front of the Science Lab - I ran passed him closely.. xD
Slowpoke! =P

*School ends*
Here's the thing..
Nurrul wanted to walk home with me.
So, I said okay.
She went to the toilet first,
But, I didn't want to follow her.
Then, she asked me to wait for her at the school gate.
I just said, "OK!"
Instead, I waited for her at the school hall's entrance.
I waited and waited for her.
No sign of her.
But, I saw Raphael la..
He looked at me.
OMG! - acting normal.
I went home as 1.25PM - hate waiting -.-

Oh and Cecilia,
You told my brother that I always go to Block C to stalk Raphael??
I don't stalk no more.
It's a waste of time.
What I see is what I get :)

*Lol? Finally, I posted about Raphael huh? :O 

P/S: It's BIG BANG's 1900th day anniversary :)

Thanks to Joshua :)

 My new profile picture on Facebook :)

Seriously November, be good to me. Thank you :)

 Aww.. I love this song so much - for now xD
First, I saw it on Shot by Shot.
Then, I heard it on Eanaa's blog.
Whenever I go online, I stop by Eanaa's blog just to listen to this song xD


Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm sorry, my friend.

Went to church this morning.
Learned a new song.
I forgot what was it called.
I don't know why, but.. I love to sing church's songs :D
And and and,
I saw Roystance wearing his prefect shirt to church.
Kacak eh baju ya - Roy juak :D
1 board, 1 family - 1 papan, 1 keluarga xD

Around 1 in the afternoon,
While I was in my room,
Philip Chen waited for me outside my house and missed call my old number.
I heard the call, but then it stopped - phone out of battery -.-
So, I charged it - forgot to check who called.
I was thinking that, "Who could've called my old number? Weird.."
I am so stupid - I only check my other phone for calls and texts -.-
I texted Philip at 7 something using my new number after I saw missed calls on my old phone.
He told me that he missed call me and waited for me for quite some time.
I kept texting, "Sorry." to him.
I'm sorry, I didn't know D:
*I know he'll read what I wrote - he always does.

My mom bought "Cloud 9" yesterday.
And, I didn't know.
My little sister brought it to me and said,
"Karen, BIG BANG!"
I was like, "Huh?" - and looked at the packet.
Wow! Nice~~

P/S: I've just created a Tumblr for myself. I don't know why, but I just did :)
Here's the link

Cloud 9's packet xD


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

G-Dragon's Facebook account?

Went to school early today - 10 minutes early.
I was the 5th person to arrive.
Is this for real?
Only 20 people were present -.-"

Assembly today.
About "Kempen Mencuci Tangan Sedunia."
And and and,
During the "Kebersihan Kelas" announcement,
5L6 was the winner.
The class monitor stood up and turn to his back with his hands in front of his mouth doing :O
He ran up on stage to receive the trophy and smile.
Hahahaha. FUNNY xD

Didn't studied anything -.-"
Did nothing.
Just sleep, sleep, sleep.
No use of coming to school.
All I want is to get my Geography exam paper.

Asyraf told everyone that I cut my hair -.-
He said that my hair looked short.
I only knew that he told everyone after school.

And and and, 
I found K-Pop artists FB accounts.
Almost most of them.
Bangga eh rasa. Hahahaha.

But I only added G-Dragon as friend :)
But but but, he has 3 FB account D:
I only added 2.
 This one says.. Sex: Male (Added)

This one has everything. Friends and fans writing on his wall. (Added)

This one says.. Sex: Female -.- (Not added) =P

Haha.. And,
I asked Theresa to make a Twitter account of her own.
And she asked me to do it.
So, I did.
Her username is @TheresaWui
Follow her NOWW!! xD

I don't know why but I love this picture so much.
Maybe because it's true. Lol?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

G-Dragon's Twitter account


For this last day of the exam,
I had Mathematics 1 and 2.
It was freaking hard D:
Even though I have studied til 1 -.-"
My brain started to malfunction during the exam.

As for PSV,
Kacang je.. xD

As always (Mozilla Firefox + Google Chrome),
I log in to,
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Blogger
- Formspring
- Hotmail

I saw G-Dragon's Twitter account.
I was like, "OMG!" + *eyes were full of hope* xD
I followed him immediately and felt so happy.
Finally!! I found his twitter account :D
Thanks to: Michellea Tifannie - a follower of mine (I saw it on her Twitter profile while viewing)
Plus, I got 6 new followers - bragging xD

And and and,
Tomorrow's my 1 year anniversary on Twitter. Lol?

Reminder to myself:
2 more days til ZEE's birthday :D

A million thanks to her for putting G-Dragon's name on her biodata :D

G-Dragon's Twitter account ♥

 I love this picture of ZEE. That's why I put it as the fan page's profile picture :D

 After ZEE's haircut D:


Sunday, October 23, 2011


October 31st is the most important day in the satanic year. [It is known as the devil's birthday.]
It marks the Celtic new year.
It was the end of the growing season.
It became a festival of death.
On this day, the god of the Celtics was to have called up the spirits of the wicked dead who had died during the past year.
At the same time, other evil spirits arose and went about the countryside harassing the people.
On October 31, the Celtics expected to be harassed by ghosts, evil spirits and demons; and it was no fun and games to them.
They would light bonfires to guide the spirits to their own town and to ward off evil spirits. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things that shouldn't happen during exams xD

This morning,
Before exam started,
Daim said,
"Matematik keluar esei."

First was English Paper 2,
1 more summary before I am done,
I went to the toilet - 9am <--specific xD
On my way out,
Everyone kept,
"Shhhh-ing." me especially Asyraf -.-"

On my way to the toilet,
I saw, I saw Raphael.
He was on his way to his block's staircase.
I felt regret that I didn't go 5 minutes earlier D:

I returned Eanaa's comic books.
Finally :D
It's been months since I borrowed her books.

During English's Paper 1 exam,
Azman and Darren exchanged one side of their shoe to see the size differences.
The teacher saw Darren's shoe and immediately snatch it. Haha.
Azman was afraid that the teacher would do the same to his shoe that he quickly put it on.
But before he could,
Asyraf took Azman's shoe and threw it across the room.
Masturina asked,
"Kasut sapa tok?"
The teacher heard her and snatch the shoe as well.
So, both Azman and Darren lost one side of their shoe.

While writing the essay,
Elizabeth kept asking me to translate words for her.
Asyraf too.
I remembered Asyraf asked me,
What's "kemudahan" in English.
And and and,
I have no time to finish my Section B D:
Because I re-do my Section A.
*tsk tsk*
I only managed to write 256 words T_T
I chose number 4.
The question was:
Write a story ending with: "It was finally over."
Well, everyone knows who am I writing about.
Duhh! Who else is there xD

*What I want to say:
I used to love English and now I don't.
Since a new teacher was assigned to replace Mr. Edmund,
My English had gotten worst.
But, when I'm blogging, my English is rather good. Only 'good.' :)
Weird O.o

P/S: Finally! Mr. Edmund has a Facebook account :D


Friday, October 7, 2011

Love again huh?

My class used 3T4's class today.
My class last year.
I miss it so much =P

During recess,
I need to pass the Gerko card to Azalea..again!
But then AGAIN,
I saw Cecilia,
So, I passed it to her.
She even asked,
"Who's the guy?"
I replied,
"He's at the side."
She continued,
"That was a close one. Is the guy from my class?"
Me: "Hmm.. Yea."
Cecilia: "Oh! I know who it is."
Me: "What's the guy's initial then?"
Cecilia: "R! Oh, R again." *Hits me with her book. -.-"

*Facebook! Facebook!
Cecilia asks me on Facebook too.
This girl is trying to know everything xD
She even asked me to try go for him.
But, thanks to her, I know some things too =P
Thanks Cecilia.

P/S: I can't tell the world about this xD


Monday, October 3, 2011

The 4th English teacher -.-"

This morning,
Miss Charis told us that we're going to have a new English teacher.
Dah la the first subject is English.
The new English teacher stepped in.
She claimed that her name is Liana Swastika.

The way she talks is like Madam Teh Hooi.
She said that she became a teacher because she followed her husband to Miri.
She's from Kuantan, Pahang - if I am not mistaken.
She is also our new class teacher.