Monday, August 29, 2011

Aww.. I dreamt about HIM :3

Last night's dream was great.
I dreamt that Raphael and I raced down 4E2's staircase.
And and and, I won! :D
Then, off I go to canteen.
After that, I saw Raphael wayyyyy in front of me and the other one on my right side.
Was wearing my spectacle that time.
But then, I realized that the one beside me was Raphael's brother, Rene.
Both of them look alike. Seriously!
I saw Raphael walking towards me :3
And, he waved at me with his right hand under his left cheek.
We were walking oppositely in front of the school's meeting room xD

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sure fail for Maths -.-"

* sneeze sneeze*
Kept sneezing today.
I have a runny nose -.-"

Before today's exam started - Mathematics,
Zara said that she saw me in front of RHB Bank yesterday.
Then, off we start with the exam, starting with Mathematics paper 2.
Paper 2 was a bit easy.
A BIT = 10% easy.
The highest I can score for paper 2 is 10? :P

Next was Mathematics paper 1.
Paper 1 was a killer.
I can ONLY answer 3 out of 40 questions -.-"

As for PSV,
It was fine.
Nothing to worry about.

Well, no exam for the Art stream tomorrow.
As for Science stream, they have to go for their Additional Mathematics paper 2, if I am not mistaken.

Hahaha. I saw Raphael went home at 12.25PM, same time as me :D

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Big Bang 5th Anniversary !

Happy 5th Anniversary to BIG BANG !

Big Bang as 5 !

My status on Facebook :)

 My posts on Twitter :)

Happy Big Bang 5th Anniversary and VIPs worldwide.

Message for Big Bang + Happy 5th Anniversary

With love, 
★ K@rΣn ★
- An official VIP -

Thursday, August 18, 2011

G-Dragon, Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday to Kwon Ji Yong a.k.a G-Dragon !

I have collected images related to G-Dragon's birthday :)

Sean tweets G-Dragon :)

Flo Rida wishes G-Dragon a Happy Birthday ^^

 5 bikes were given to Big Bang as gifts in conjunction of G-Dragon's birthday.

 This is G-Dragon's bike :)

Nikon A Shot A Day With YG Family Facebook update!
 Dae Sung's not here.
He is currently resting after the accident.

G-Dragon’s sister, Dami, wishes him a happy birthday!

 G-Dragon's sister also shared G-Dragon's baby pictures on her Twitter.
Aww.. He's adorable, especially when he sticks he tongue out :)

Tae Yang's manager tweets a photo with G-Dragon.
They look like twins. Lol ~ 

G-Dragon celebrates his birthday at Se7en’s restaurant with YG Family!   

 My Twitter posts. The top one was specially for him.
The remaining are G-Dragon's lyrics from Big Bang's songs >.<

Twitter's trends for today ^^

Facebook's event.
Celebrating G-Dragon's birthday ^^

 I've posted posts related to G-Dragon's birthday :)

All 5 member's hand prints :)
G-Dragon's hand print is at the bottom ^^

 Happy 23rd Birthday to our Big Bang leader, G-Dragon !

With love, 
★ K@rΣn ★
- An official VIP -

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ken'ichi Matsuyama Profile !

Ken'ichi Matsuyama
Name: 松山ケンイチ 
Name (romaji): Matsuyama Ken'ichi
Profession: Actor
Birthday: March 5, 1985 
Birthplace: Aomori, Japan
Height: 180cm
Weight: 60kg
Horoscope: Pisces 
Blood type: B

More photos of MatsuKen :

English essay !

Exam started last Saturday -.-"
Exam will be on going for 2 weeks.

Today's exam is English.
My favourite xD

Paper 2 was okayyy!
2 hours and 30 minutes wasn't quite enough for me as I had a stomachache -.-"
I cannot write as my stomach was so much in pain T_T
But, at least I managed to finish it 15 minutes before times up. *whew*

As for Paper 1, I'm speechless -.-"
*Section A was a waste of time.
I kept writing the wrong sentences and it end up messy - because I cancelled it a lot.
I used up 4 papers for Section A -.-"
Should I say, "Wow?"
217 words.

*Section B was making me rush.
I had to choose 1 out of 5 topic.
It took a lot of time for me to choose -.-"
Finally, I chose Question 3.
The topic was, "My most unforgettable character."
I had choose it because I know who was my most unforgettable character.
It was "L" from Death Note.
Yea, I wrote about L.
I even wrote down the plot.
I was writing all 3 movies together xD
416 words.

I bet some of you thought that I wrote about "Love."
Yea, I wanted to write about that.
But, I don't know the definition.
I wanted to write all about Raphael - again in my essay.
I don't think I can write lots -.-"
My mind was blurr..

Hmm.. Yesterday I saw prefects started to wear black skirts and pants.
They looked AWESOME!
I was looking forward to look at Raphael wearing black pants.
But, I didn't get the chance.

I thought I get to see HIM today during recess.
Sadly, NO! D:
When school ended,
Sharon and I was walking towards the front gate.
And and and, that's when I saw Raphael :D
Finally, I saw HIM.
Aww.. Man! HE was so H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E!!!
Should have took his picture xD

Canteen didn't open today.
Heard someone's dead.
#3words God bless you :)

That's all.
I don't know why, but I think this post is rarely different from the other ones.

Quote of the day : When you're in love, waiting for someone is not a big deal.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (2PM) Profile !

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Name: Nickhun Buck Horvejkul
Nickname: Khunnie Boy, Khunnio Boo, Khun-ddaeng 
Position: Sub Vocal, Dancer
Date of birth: June 24, 1988
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Buddhist
Languages: English, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (in order of fluency)
Hobbies: Playing the piano, exercising, listening to music, watching movies, taking pictures
Specialties: Playing the piano, acrobatics
Ideal Woman: A nice, cute, and good girl 
FavoriteFood: There isn't a food that he doesn't like 

Nichkhun Horvejkul is a Thailand Chinese singer and part of Korean Boy Band - 2PM. 
Nichkhun was born in California, and moved to Thailand at age 5.
Later, he moved to Korea in 2006, therefore he doesn't really fluent in Korean language. 
Nichkhun's popularity may be equal with 2PM's former leader Park JaeBom.
Maybe his cute face and mixing face - Thai and oriental look.
Nichkhun is very popular in Thailand, and he help Thailand to promote the tourism by a commercial video titled "Thailand, Let's Take a Break."

More photos of Nichkhun:

Nichkhun's Profile Picture on Twitter :)

Who has Twitter and wants to follow him?
Click this link :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

1 Guru, 1 Pokok

This morning,
On my way to class,
Cecilia called me and waved at me, I think.
She was with Raphael's brother, Rene - I think xD

We all went for assembly at 8.30AM.
AGAIN? -.-"
1 Guru, 1 Pokok
I don't understand.
All the teachers were wearing green.
Eanaa also asked me,
"Who is Philip Chen?"
I told her that he is my friend.
A pass form fiver - an ex columban.

Bla.. Bla.. Bla..
Then, it was time for teachers to get their plants xD
Cikgu SS got the most "Boooo!" sound xD
And, Cikgu Ong Sze Chong has the loudest cheer.
I didn't cheer for any teacher just now.
But, when they called up Mr. Kong's name,
I immediately shout and clap -.-"
Lol! I was alert when I heard Mr. Kong's name.
Because Mr. Kong is my favourite teacher since I was in Form 1 >.<

During English lesson,
I wanted to go to 4E3.
Because I need to pass up the Chinese Club Mooncake Festival's list to Eileen.
Miss Charis wasn't in.
She had to go to Riam to get her A level xD
But then, I saw Eileen at the Science lab above.
I took the list and ran up Block B's stairs.
My heart was beating really fast at that time.
I was afraid that I would saw Raphael there.
Nyet Yin replaced Eileen and get the list from me.
Then, I look behind Nyet Yin, I saw Raphael on his way.
I was "OMG!"
But, I just acted normal and walked away xD

And and and,
It's Rusdi's birthday :D

Haha.. I wrote this on his wall for his birthday xD

 2PM - Hands Up
I'm addicted to this song xD

Quote of the day : If it doesn't hurt, it's not love.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National Day's assembly?

I came early to school today.
Because I haven't finish my homework.
So, I did it in class.
I know that the assembly will start at 7.45AM.
I looked at Azman's list yesterday.
And, it was supposed to end at 8.40AM, if I didn't see wrong.
There I was - in class, doing my homework.
All of the sudden,
Miss Charis came in and took our attendance.
After that, Cikgu Saufiah came.
Sure she came, because BM was the first lesson for today.
She wrote notes on how to answer the questions during test.
She asked us to copy.
But, only a few of us copied it, and not me - of course.
I only copy things according to my mood =P
If I'm lazy, I won't be copying =P
Last week, I heard that Miss Soo said that the assembly will take 3 periods.

Raphael was the MC :)
He wore a red "batik" shirt :)
Emily was the MC too D:
Eanaa and Theresa stood in 4E9's line.
Usually I am the last one in the line.
As for today, Theresa stood behind me since she's taller xD
Eanaa pula in front of me.
At first, I was really "bersemangat" while singing the National song - "Negaraku."
After "Negaraku" was our school song.
While singing, Madam Maria suddenly asked us to stop and scold us D:
I don't even know why -.-"
I wasn't in the mood after that D:
I hummed while people were singing the school song.
Because I don't feel like singing anymore ~.~

Sing, sing, sing..
Speech, speech, speech..
It was funny when Theresa and Eanaa talked to me at the same time.
Like yesterday - Cecilia and Eanaa xD
Then, it was time for the KK prefects to go on stage and do their pledge.
Deborah Lim is the KK head prefct :D
I was clapping and shouting, "Whooh." xD

End of assembly - 9.40AM,
No spotcheck :D
Then, recess.
Haha. I brought biscuits to school for the first time xD
I am trying to save money =P

I have extra class today.
But, Felicia and I had to leave early to go for the ICT meeting.
So, we asked permission from Miss Charis to let us out early.
And, she approved it :D

In the ICT room,
Only Wan, Azalea, Felicia, Mazwan, Affiq, Francisco, Rusdi and I came.
It was "Pemilihan AJK."
Rusdi is the club President and Ariff Adlan is the Vice President.
But, Ariff always didn't come for the ICT meeting -.-"
I mean for this year.
Rusdi wanted me to be the President.
But, the teacher said I can't since Ariff is the Vice President D:
So, for now,
  • President - Ariff Adlan
  • Vice President - Mazwan
  • Treasurer - Felicia *Teacher chosed me, but Felicia and I exhanged*
  • Secretary - Karen Tan (Me)
  • AJK - Franciso and Affiq
The teacher said that I have to start my duty on the next meeting -.-"
So fast D:
And, Felicia will start next year.
Felt regret exchanging with her T_T

Quote of the day : Relationships that happen fast, end fast.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Okay okay la xD

*Skips to recess*
During recess,
Raphael and Kelvin Leong walked around my school block.. AGAIN!
Man! Raphael is always doing that -.-"
He gives me high hopes >.<

*End of school*
Cecilia and Eanaa were waiting for me after school?
Quite surprising O.o
They were asking me if I am going to open the ICT room.
Of course..duhh! xD

Off I go to the staff room to get the ICT room's key.
I was waiting for Cikgu Dayang to get the money inside the log book.
All of the sudden, Raphael came in.
I was so happy, but I didn't smile xD
Just my serious and rushing look.
Raphael walked here and there.
Then, he dissapeared.
I looked left and right.
But, there's no sign of him.
I was wondering where he was.
Without knowing,
I looked behind me,
And there he was :D
Oh gosh!
He stood behind me.
Patutlah tak nampak.
Apa la >.<

Cecilia and Eanaa followed me to the ICT room.
And, it was full immediately =.="
Cecilia sat on my right and Eanaa on the left.
They kept talking to me at the same time.
Lol! I don't know which one to listen to xD
Oh and,
Eanna gave me 2 comics.
I asked for it xD
Thanks Eanaa :)

Eanaa also told me about her dream.
Seriously, it was weird.
She was a gangster there O.o

Cecilia followed both of us on blogger.
Aww.. Thanks Cecilia.
Really appreciate it.
I really need followers xD

This is funny.
Felicia and I stole W.D.E's phone number from Rusdi's phone.
Because Rusdi left it with me - he always does -.-"
Bukannya berat pun =P
We want to do something with it xD

 My idol confirmed me on FB :D
I've been waiting for 3 months :')

Quote of the day : No one gets tired of loving, but everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies and hurting.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Quite an interesting day xD

Before class starts this morning,
Miss Charis asked Franke to order us to clean up the class as it was dirty.
Eg. Sweep the floor, arrange the tables, etc.
I don't know why, but Suhana said that Choo Jing Yi was our class prefect =.="
But but but, Jing Yi and Franke are both my class's prefect =.="
Majority of girls in my class loves to see and disturb Jing Yi.
They said that he is handsome and looks like a Korean.
Yea, sure he looks like a Korean.
So? xD
Few minutes after that,
Jing Yi came.
Miss Charis asked him to order us to do our duties.
He told Miss Charis that he is our "Pengawas kawasan" and Franke is the "Pengawas kelas."
Lol xD
So, Franke said
And, I did :)
Even though I'm not on duty that day.
Budak baik ba xD

This morning,
During Science lesson,
Around 8.35am,
I saw Raphael walking up Block B's staircase with Kelvin Wong, if I am not mistaken.
I saw him and said, "Raphael! Is that Raphael?" loudly.
Asyraf, Azman and Syarfaizzul heard me and disturbed me after that.
They kept saying, "Wah! Raphael", "Raphael bah" and "Yerr, Karen." xD

After Science,
Was Civic lesson.
We had topical test for Civic today.
Guess what!?!
I saw the assistant head prefect - girl was copying.
Lol xD
Seriously unbelievable O.o
When she caught me looking at her,
She just smiled at me and I smiled back :D

*Recess time*
I heard that Theresa had some problem.
I heard it from Sharon.
So, I immediately ran to 4E4 with Sharon.
As I arrived there,
I saw Raphael.
But, too bad it only lasted for a few seconds.
Because the first bell rang,
Prefects have to go for duty D:
Eanaa, Sharon, Pui Ing and I listened to Theresa's story on what had happened.
But, I am not going to tell you =P

When recess ended,
Sharon and I went down using 4E2's staircase.
I said,
"Sharon! Sharon! Can see this? The letter R on the wall."
She said, "Can!"
I told her that I was the one who sprayed the letter R on the wall.
I used white paint.
I did that when I was on duty as a 3K junior this year.
I was all alone and bored.
So, I sprayed the letter R using white paint.
I wanted it to be a memory xD
Whoever wants to see it shall get an approve from me first xD
Hahaha, just kidding.
But, if you can't see it.
Will be glad to show you >.<

One more thing,
During Morale lesson,
We were formed into a group of 3 by the teacher.
My group members were Grace and Elizabeth.
Okay! Here's the thing,
Grace told me something related to Raphael.
She said that during the prize giving ceremony last week,
Raphael said her fingers were fat and pinched her finger.
She told me that she shouted,
"RAPHAEL TANG LI ERN!" to Raphael as she was mad xD
Wow! That was really quite unexpected xD
Raphael is really straight forward to everyone, but not to me D:

Oh oh and,
Elizabeth told me that Timothy Wee is a new member of the 3K prefectorial board =.="

Well, I took care of the ICT room today.
No Felicia D:
She said that she will be staying back tomorrow.
Jason Chang messaged me on Facebook saying that he wanted to pass me his pendrive yesterday.
P/S: He sent me the message yesterday, but I saw it today -.-"
Wanna know why he wanted to borrow me his pendrive?
It is because he has Death Note movies and animes in it :D
He knows that I love Death Note xD
By the way, he's an ex-columban from the year 2005?

While I was in the ICT room,
Jessven came in.
Surprised me much xD
We were both, "Ei?"
After 20 minutes - less or more,
Jessven went home, I think.
He chat with me on Facebook when he arrived home?
He asked me if I could let him play for free tomorrow.
He said that he would help me with Raphael in return xD
I told him, let me think about it first.
And finally, I replied,
"Okay. But, don't get caught by the teacher."

What a long post.
Seriously! -.-

 Wow! The fan page I made for Zee.

 Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Quote of the day : Be countable for your actions.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weird dreams =.="

Here it goes..
Yesterday I dreamt that I was dating an Indian guy =.="
I don't even know who he is =.="
He was tall and handsome.
We were walking to the school bus stop.
Sharon saw me and gave a sign, saying "NO!"
That guy and I sat next to each other at the bus stop.
And then, he asked me to sit on his lap =.="
So, I did =.="
I even lay down on his lap in class =.="

CCW sent me 2 of his pictures.
Man! All of the sudden.
It was around 2pm.
I only saw the pictures at 3pm.
I didn't even ask for it =.="
Weird ! -.-
I'll post the pictures at the end of this post =P

As for today,
I dreamt that I had *** with a handsome, gorgeous, cute guy =.="
What the!
I don't even know who he is too =.="
I don't even know why either.
This dream was the weirdest and the most yuckiest D:

I want Raphael to be in my dream D:
Not other guys D:
Hmmph ! D:
Luckily, it's not real =P

Here's 2 pictures of CW that he sent me :)

This is my last night's status..
Wow! xD

Quote of the day : A real woman doesn't count how many guys she had in her life, but how many times she resisted guys for the man she really loves.


Friday, August 5, 2011

*Sobs* D:

This morning,
Before I enter the school gate,
Elroy asked for my hair pin.
I asked him why.
But, he didn't answer me as Mr. Effendi was there.
I told him that I didn't bring my hair pin, only my hair clip.

Before class starts this morning,
Nyet Yin asked Daim to go and get his purple necktie from Mr. Yuan - PRS necktie :)
He took it and wore it before entering the class xD
He is the only PRS prefect in class.

*School ended*
Walk, walk, walk home.
Eanaa was in front of me.
She walks fast man!
And and and, she didn't even look back D:

Eanaa told me that Raphael like someone else.
She heard it from Desmond when they talk.
And all of the sudden, Raphael's name came out.
But, I still won't give up.
Wanna know more?
Click Eanaa's blog link

Super Junior - Superman
This song is trending all over the world right now :)

Quote of the day : When you're in love, you wake up a little happier in the morning.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Official 3K prefects..

This morning,
We were having assembly.
Speech, speech, speech.
Then, it was time for the 3K prefects nomination.
It was so damn funny.
Because, after the 3K juniors receive their certificate,
They walked away.
They were supposed to stand at the side and come back up, I think.
Too bad they walked away when Jane said they were going to do the 3K pledge.
Everyone laughed xD
Thanks to 3K, I don't feel sleepy anymore xD
After that, they went back up and read out their pledge.
It was the same as the school prefects pledge =.="
Azman told me =P
Kantoi >.<

Before assembly ended,
Madam Tan Lee Chien told us about the "Bulan Kemerdekaan" video thingy.
Make our own video related to the National Day.
Winners get to bring a home
  • 4 - iPads
  • 4 - iPhone 4
  • RM 5000
KK prefects got their necktie too.
But, not on stage =P
Nice ~

 Lenka - Heart skips a beat

Quote of the day : God's timing is always right—wait patiently for Him.


★ Danbo the Robot ★


Crawling through the rocks..

Abandoned D:

The teensy weensy spider crawled up to say hello :)

Danbee love :)

Reading The Book.

Danbo is shooting with different lens and angle.

Danbo trying to reach for the flower.

Danbo: You Ain’t Touching This Guitar!
Danbo is a music freak!

 Danbo picking some flowers.

How tall is it?


°° far away °°
 Reaching the top.

 With a little help from my friend :)

Danbo taking photographs.