Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I need some help..

Here's the thing..
I'm joining a contest on Facebook.
I need all of you to "LIKE" a picture.
Click the link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=272038952847040&set=a.258477760869826.77745.177030505681219&type=1&ref=nf
Remember to "LIKE" it.
Share it as well - if you want to :)
Thank you! :D

This picture will come out when you click the link.
And then, click "LIKE"
That's all :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

K-Pop "LIKE" Contest!

First thing:
On Facebook,
I saw my yesterday's status.
I thought I'd get like about 10 - 15 likes.
Well, I'm just boasting here xD

I'm attractive! HAHAHAHA!

Eanaa told me that Cecilia thinks that I hate her.
Weird huh?
Why would I hate her? :O
And, if I did hate her, why did I hate her in the first place? :O
In fact,
I'm thankful to her, since she helped me a lot about Raphael last time.
Cecilia, I guess you misunderstood? :)

I joined a K-Pop "LIKE" contest!!
Conditions are easy.
Just post a photo relating to K-Pop and the admins will transfer it into an album.
There, the photos will be "LIKE"
To win 1st - 3rd place, 1000 likes.
4th - 6th place, 700 likes.
7th - 10th, 300 likes.
So, I posted BIG BANG's photo.
I don't mind if I don't win.
The prizes aren't cool enough.
It's LAME! - Seriously -.-
I'm only joining for fun xD
What I want was..
Ordering BIG BANG's merchandise online.
But, they're really expensive -.-"
Shipping included..
So.. I'll just say adios to the things T.T

I posted this photo to the K-Pop "LIKE" Contest! :D

These are the BIG BANG merchandise that I want so badly *sob*

, this is for you! :D


Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's, it's DECEMBER!

I can't believe it's December already!
I want Christmas!
I want presents!
I want to decorate the Christmas tree!
I want to see my family gathering!

On this particular day,
All I did was online, cleaned the house hold and watched Occult Academy - I can't stop watching. Lol?

I'm gone - on Twitter xD

Occult Academy


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MAMA 2011

It's MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Day!

Date: November 29, 2011.
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It broadcasts live.
I watched MAMA on 8TV.

2011 MAMA Stage. 
The shape of the Chinese character for ‘human(人) ’
The character for ‘human(人) ’ is a personification of the MAMA slogan, ‘Music Makes One’, bringing all Asians scattered across the globe together at one place through music!

 People queuing  inside of Singapore Indoor Stadium!

More photos of MAMA 2011:

Super Junior


Kim Hyun Joong

Some videos of MAMA 2011:

Super Junior - Superman + Mr Simple + Sorry Sorry
2NE1 - Lonely + I Am The Best

Kim Hyun Joong - Lucky Guy

I watched MAMA on Youtube and managed to capture this :)
Yes, it's BIG BANG!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

God knows!

Chris Tomlin - How great is our God


Friday, November 18, 2011

Love me? No, thank you..!

This is it! -.-"
My friend fell in love with me.
How? When? Why? :O

Why can't it be Raphael? T.T

How did I know? 
- He chats with me everytime I go online -.-"
- He texts me like he's my boyfriend.
  Example: "Have you eaten?", "What are you doing?", "Good morning <3" and even a SMS
- He even asked,
  "Would you date me if I ask?" and "Do you have feelings for me?"

I'm not over Raphael yet.
I don't date gangsters.

This brings back my memory where 7 boys chased me at the same time - last year -.-"
That's why I prefer chasing rather than being chase.

I understand the feeling of rejection.
I was rejected once - by my Senior.
After that, I rejected him back.
*evil laugh*
I'm cruel xD

I miss Raphael! T.T

 Yesterday's status :)

 Picture taken by Eanaa (the price tag)
She tweeted me:
The link is the price tag picture :)
I'll buy it. Hahaha

Played the "Inbox me a number & I'll post about you."
Here's what I get from Benny -.-"


Sunday, November 6, 2011


To all my readers,
Please do me a favour.
Like my fan page on Facebook: ZEE Matanawee Keenan
Click "LIKE" for me.
Thank you! :)

P/S: I want to achieve 10,000 fans by January. *fingers cossed*

Zee's songs:
1 - ง่ายๆแต่เหงา (Easy But Lonely)
2 - เคยรักฉันจริงๆ หรือเปล่า (Have You Ever Loved Me)
3 - ไม่รักบ้างก็แล้วไป (If You Don't Like It, Leave)
4 - เกลียดบางคนที่เธอคิดถึง (I Hate the Person Who You're Missing)
5 - รักไม่เท่าเข้าใจ (Love Doesn't Equal Understanding)
6 - คนมีความรัก (People Are In Love)

Zee - Have you ever loved me
Enjoy ^_^


Friday, November 4, 2011

Read, read, read!

During History,
Madam Irene announced the winner - "Pembentangan."
Daim's group won.
Their chocolates were.. WOW!
For the rest of us,
We all shared a packet of Choclairs.
Then, Hafiz (Daim's group) gave me one of their chocolates.
Aww.. Thank you! :)

During Mathematics,
Boniface, Felicia, Zara, Harryzon and Darren came sitting around me at my table.
We talked about religious stuffs.
Then, I borrowed a comic book from Muhd. Ain since he brought a lot of them.
The comic book was thick -.-"
I read it until the 4th period.
4th period was Civic.
The teacher snatched it away from Darren first.
Zara said,
"Karen! "Karennnnn!!"
The teacher said,
"Tak payah. Saya dah nampak awal-awal tadi."
I gave the book to the teacher.
Others read comics too.
They're lucky because they hid it earlier.
When the recess bell rang, the teacher gave the comic books back.

I read around 3 comic books.
When Miss Soo Ying Chiong came in,
She told us that we can bring Monopoly and UNO cards to school.
Poker cards are not allowed!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Served them right! HAHAHA! :P

This morning, almost everyone in my class came.
The first period,
Fazlin from 4E8 came and said,
"Siapa tidak hadir semalam, sila keluar."
They all went out to see Madam Maria.
They did community service for 2 hours.

And, the 10 of us stayed in class playing UNO cards.
Boniface wrote, "Welcome to Boni Casino Royale." on the white board.
Hahaha! He's the "Tauke."

During second period,
Marinah took her phone out and took our pictures playing UNO cards.
Few minutes later,
She took a picture of our hands piling up together.
Mine was on the top! :)

- Karen Tan (Me)
- Elizabeth Lim
- Felicia
- Nurrul
- Marinah
- Karen Lidai
- Darren
- Medline
Bodyguard: Muhd. Ain

I love the 10 of us. HAHAHA!
Pecah rekod kedatangan!

Oh, and I received my English paper 2.
51/70 -.-"


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Celebrities replied me on Twitter *happy*

It's November!
1-11-11 :D
But, it's all about non-stop rain -.- 
Heavy rain + lightning + thunder = Sleep :)

Here's the thing..
On the 27th of October,
I tweeted Zee on Twitter and got replied.
P/S: Zee is an artist from Thailand :)

As for today,
Nat Ho,
A Singaporean artist replied me.
I didn't expect that he would reply me.
I tweet him just for fun xD
Here's his Twitter profile and what we tweeted :)
Nat Ho's Twitter profile :)

And finally,
It ended there D:
I was hoping to get another reply from him.
Wanna read his blog?


Monday, October 31, 2011

I see, I hear

It was a fine morning,
My one of my teacher starts to be racist.
Teacher: Syarfaizul! Kenapa pakai rantai? Nak masuk Kristian ke apa?
*Harryzon starts to get mad*
Syarfaizul: Ha? Kenapa cikgu?
Teacher: Tau tak? Rantai tu untuk perempuan saje. Accessories perempuan, lelaki tak boleh pakai. Macam klip rambut, laki pun tak boleh pakai. Cincin tak ape lah.
Syarfaizul: Ohh..
Teacher: Ada tak awak nampak Nabi Muhammad pakai rantai? Takde kan?
Syarfaizul: *Talking to his friends + doesn't want to listen to the teacher*
Teacher: Syarfaizul!
Syarfaizul: Ha?
Teacher: *Talking to Syarfaizul in a low tone*
*Harryzon was mad listening to the teacher that he hit the table and walked out of class.
Luckily the teacher didn't saw him. Lol?

My friends told everything to the Morale teacher.
But, they didn't say out the name.

Eanaa told me that 4E4 checked my class's Mathematics 2 exam paper.
Eanaa told me that Theresa took mine and checked it - "conteng" it as well -.-
Theresa also said, "Pandai juga Karen." :D
When Eanaa headed out of 4E8,
I told her that I wanted to go and find Theresa - to ask her.
So, we walked together until I realized that I forgot my wallet.
I told Eanaa that I wanted to get my wallet and asked her to go first - Raphael was 10 steps in front and was heading our way.
It's like I was running away from Raphael.
And so,
I ran back to my class as fast as I could - 5 more minutes til the school bell rang.
I got my wallet and ran towards Block C.
I saw Raphael again.
Man! He is SLOW..
Before I ran back TO class, he was passing the school library.
After I ran back FROM my class, he was passing in front of the Science Lab - I ran passed him closely.. xD
Slowpoke! =P

*School ends*
Here's the thing..
Nurrul wanted to walk home with me.
So, I said okay.
She went to the toilet first,
But, I didn't want to follow her.
Then, she asked me to wait for her at the school gate.
I just said, "OK!"
Instead, I waited for her at the school hall's entrance.
I waited and waited for her.
No sign of her.
But, I saw Raphael la..
He looked at me.
OMG! - acting normal.
I went home as 1.25PM - hate waiting -.-

Oh and Cecilia,
You told my brother that I always go to Block C to stalk Raphael??
I don't stalk no more.
It's a waste of time.
What I see is what I get :)

*Lol? Finally, I posted about Raphael huh? :O 

P/S: It's BIG BANG's 1900th day anniversary :)

Thanks to Joshua :)

 My new profile picture on Facebook :)

Seriously November, be good to me. Thank you :)

 Aww.. I love this song so much - for now xD
First, I saw it on Shot by Shot.
Then, I heard it on Eanaa's blog.
Whenever I go online, I stop by Eanaa's blog just to listen to this song xD


Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm sorry, my friend.

Went to church this morning.
Learned a new song.
I forgot what was it called.
I don't know why, but.. I love to sing church's songs :D
And and and,
I saw Roystance wearing his prefect shirt to church.
Kacak eh baju ya - Roy juak :D
1 board, 1 family - 1 papan, 1 keluarga xD

Around 1 in the afternoon,
While I was in my room,
Philip Chen waited for me outside my house and missed call my old number.
I heard the call, but then it stopped - phone out of battery -.-
So, I charged it - forgot to check who called.
I was thinking that, "Who could've called my old number? Weird.."
I am so stupid - I only check my other phone for calls and texts -.-
I texted Philip at 7 something using my new number after I saw missed calls on my old phone.
He told me that he missed call me and waited for me for quite some time.
I kept texting, "Sorry." to him.
I'm sorry, I didn't know D:
*I know he'll read what I wrote - he always does.

My mom bought "Cloud 9" yesterday.
And, I didn't know.
My little sister brought it to me and said,
"Karen, BIG BANG!"
I was like, "Huh?" - and looked at the packet.
Wow! Nice~~

P/S: I've just created a Tumblr for myself. I don't know why, but I just did :)
Here's the linkhttp://karentan1995.tumblr.com/

Cloud 9's packet xD


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

G-Dragon's Facebook account?

Went to school early today - 10 minutes early.
I was the 5th person to arrive.
Is this for real?
Only 20 people were present -.-"

Assembly today.
About "Kempen Mencuci Tangan Sedunia."
And and and,
During the "Kebersihan Kelas" announcement,
5L6 was the winner.
The class monitor stood up and turn to his back with his hands in front of his mouth doing :O
He ran up on stage to receive the trophy and smile.
Hahahaha. FUNNY xD

Didn't studied anything -.-"
Did nothing.
Just sleep, sleep, sleep.
No use of coming to school.
All I want is to get my Geography exam paper.

Asyraf told everyone that I cut my hair -.-
He said that my hair looked short.
I only knew that he told everyone after school.

And and and, 
I found K-Pop artists FB accounts.
Almost most of them.
Bangga eh rasa. Hahahaha.

But I only added G-Dragon as friend :)
But but but, he has 3 FB account D:
I only added 2.
 This one says.. Sex: Male (Added)

This one has everything. Friends and fans writing on his wall. (Added)

This one says.. Sex: Female -.- (Not added) =P

Haha.. And,
I asked Theresa to make a Twitter account of her own.
And she asked me to do it.
So, I did.
Her username is @TheresaWui
Follow her NOWW!! xD

I don't know why but I love this picture so much.
Maybe because it's true. Lol?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

G-Dragon's Twitter account


For this last day of the exam,
I had Mathematics 1 and 2.
It was freaking hard D:
Even though I have studied til 1 -.-"
My brain started to malfunction during the exam.

As for PSV,
Kacang je.. xD

As always (Mozilla Firefox + Google Chrome),
I log in to,
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Blogger
- Formspring
- Hotmail

I saw G-Dragon's Twitter account.
I was like, "OMG!" + *eyes were full of hope* xD
I followed him immediately and felt so happy.
Finally!! I found his twitter account :D
Thanks to: Michellea Tifannie - a follower of mine (I saw it on her Twitter profile while viewing)
Plus, I got 6 new followers - bragging xD

And and and,
Tomorrow's my 1 year anniversary on Twitter. Lol?

Reminder to myself:
2 more days til ZEE's birthday :D

A million thanks to her for putting G-Dragon's name on her biodata :D

G-Dragon's Twitter account ♥

 I love this picture of ZEE. That's why I put it as the fan page's profile picture :D

 After ZEE's haircut D: