Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The sound of trumpet coming from the sky.

That's right!
The sound of trumpet coming from the sky.
If you're a Christian, you'd know what it means.

How did I know about this?
Well, yesterday I was scrolling through Miri Community's group page on Facebook and crossed upon a post.
It was a screenshot-ed news about a trumpet sound coming from the sky and the sound was heard throughout the US to Germany.
To be honest, it made me scared because I knew what it meant.

Today, I told Fiona about it and her eyes kinda bulged out.
She immediately asked me to show her the screenshot-ed news.
I searched for it in the group and came across something else.
It was video.
It didn't have any attractive title, description or thumbnail, but I opened and clicked play it anyway.
The venue of the video was at a parking lot and everyone was looking up into the sky, confused.
Weird sound coming from the sky.
When I first heard it, I knew exactly was it was.
It was the sound of trumpet.
I asked Fiona to come over and listen to it.
Then, Julie told us that the sound of trumpet from the sky was heard 5 days ago, in Bintulu, her hometown.
This is getting strange and scary.

I told my boyfriend, Puvin about it after dinner before he sent me back to my room.
After talking, I went back to my room and online.
I think about a half an hour later, Puvin called me.
He sounded panic and asked me to come out and see him.
I came out from my room and saw him on the phone.
I don't know who he was talking to, but I'm sure it was important by the looks from his face.
I asked him why did he call me out.
He walked towards me and placed his left hand on his chest.
He sat down on the stairs to my block and I sat with him.
He told me that the person he was on the phone with was his brother, Beron.
He said Beron had a dream about this yesterday morning.
He dreamt that he was walking, and then an old man stopped him by showing him a newspaper article.
While showing him that article, the old man said that the trumpet sound will come from Germany and it'll be doomsday for all of us.
Beron just took a swift look at the newspaper.
The old man continued, "The light will shine from Syria."

After I heard the story, I had goosebumps.
His brother even said that the article that came out is exactly like what he saw in his dream, but without the title. The layout was exactly the same.
We were speechless after he told me the story.

If you'd read
Matthew 24:31 "And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other."

Matius 24:31 "Dan Ia akan menyuruh keluar malaikat-malaikat-Nya dengan meniup sangkakala yang dahsyat bunyinya dan mereka akan mengumpulkan orang-orang pilihan-Nya dari keempat penjuru bumi, dari ujung langit yang satu ke ujung langit yang lain."

This news is by CNN Indonesia.
Translation: The sound of trumpet is heard from the US until Germany.

Another news.

This newspaper article is what Beron saw in his dream, except it doesn't have a title.
The layout is exactly the same.

The video that I saw in Miri Community's group page.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seventh semester!

*Sorry again, for not updating.*

Guess what?
This is my second week of semester 7.
The first week was real tough.
Or should I say busy and stressful.
It was full with assignments, presentations' preparations, quiz, meetings and I had to go for my part time job too.
I barely have time to take naps.
Naps are pretty important to me.
I barely have time for my boyfriend too!

Oopps! Did I say boyfriend?
Oh no, you caught me.
Yeah, I have a boyfriend.
He's Indian.
I know, I know.
"WHAT???", right?

My boyfriend's not totally Indian though.
He's mixed.
He's an Indian-Bidayuh from Kuching, Sarawak.
Surprisingly, his lifestyle is like a Chinese.
He can use a pair of chopsticks way better than me.
I, as a Chinese, feel ashamed.

His name?
Nah, not gonna tell you, yet!

When did we started going out, or should I say dating?
Well, you find out.

Now, back to the topic about my new semester.

Since this is my second week of semester 7, I hope it wouldn't be as tough as last week.
It felt like I was struggling for my finals.
Gotta strive for the best this time.
I'm just aiming for a pointer of 3 and above.
I can't bear to see my pointer dropping.
I'll feel sad, really.

So yeah, I have 7 weeks left of this semester because it's a short one.
I can't wait to get everything over with.
7 weeks to go!