Monday, March 31, 2014

The sweetest thing!

Hmm.. Where do I start?

Today, I was in a bad mood.
The whole day.
It's like, the moment I wake up, I hate everything.
Seems like I changed into a whole new person, but I was still the same person, of course.
Maybe I wanted my 'alone time.'

Around 5 or 6 in the evening,
All of my friends went jogging.
I didn't follow, obviously.
I didn't have anything to do, so I went to Catherine's room to ask for her help about the accounting assignment.
I was half done in an hour.

I told Catherine that I wanted to go for dinner at 7.30pm and she agreed to accompany me.
When the time came, I went back to my room and get my money.
As I was locking the door, all of my friends came back and I saw Amalina holding a pizza box.
I didn't really care as I was still not in the mood.
So, Catherine and I walked all the way to Ayub Bistro, a mamak stall.
There, we bumped into 'Sampat Family.'
My crush was there too.
Oh and, Catherine brought up about the pizza thing.
She said, "They brought you pizza already."
I told her that I can eat it later.
Only then it hit me.
They were stalking my tweets.
This was one of them:

After that, we went to Mydin.
Bla bla bla, we walked around.
As we were lining up to pay for the stuffs, Catherine said, "Is that Lingham?"
I looked around for Lingham. I did not see him. At all.
I was about to ask, "Where?" to Catherine, when I saw Lingham right in front of me.
We borrowed his 'Meriah' card to get 30% and 50% discount for the stuffs we bought.
And then, the three of us walked back to college together.

As I arrived in front of my room door, I saw a lot of slippers.
I opened the door and saw Julie, Amalina, Fiona, Tracy, Eva and Clara.
They said, 'Hi!' to me and I just smile.
I saw the notification light on my phone blinking.
I opened it and saw a text from Fiona that was 3 minutes before I entered the room.

After that, I went to shower.
I came out after 20 minutes and saw the pizza box on my table.
Something was pasted and written on the box.
This was it:

I didn't want to eat it, but the smell was tempting.
Surprisingly, I ended up eating 3 pieces. Muahahaha! -.-
I'll have to admit, it's kinda sweet! :)
I love them so much!


Friday, March 28, 2014

It's a bad day, not a bad life.

This life is like a swinging vine.
Sounds familiar?
Yeah, I took that line from One Republic's Counting Star.

Okay, so today is literally a bad day for me.
Why, you asked?
Well, it started off like this:

First, I was late for class.

Second, I didn't know there was a quiz, so I studied 10 minutes before it started, hoping that it'll help.

Third, when I woke up from my nap, there were mosquito bites all over my body.

Fourth, my friends and I went jogging. After one round of jogging, it started raining. It got heavier and heavier by the second. We had to walk back to college under the rain.

Lastly, when we got back, in front of our room, we realized that we lost the room key. Although all of us have our own key, we only brought one with us. That's the problem. So, Amalina and I went walking under the rain again to get to our room window. Luckily it was opened. Since our window was quite high, I climbed on Amalina's shoulders and managed to climb in. Little did we know that we left the key at the lobby.

Just because bad things happen to you, doesn't mean you have a bad life. It's just a bad day.
When all these bad things happened to me, I was thinking that maybe God let me go through all this for a reason.
God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Daniel Powter - Bad Day

Monday, March 24, 2014

Lucky me!

Good afternoon!
Sorry for not updating yesterday like what I promised.
It was because I arrived college, late!
Yeah, late.
Let me tell you why.
Yesterday, I went to church with Fiona, Julie, Tracy and Eva.
And then, we went to Aeon to watch the new movie, Need for Speed.
The speed. The thrill. The excitement. It was just awesome!
Okay, now back to the topic.
After the movie, we waited for the bus at the bus station.
We waited for about 2 hours and finally, the bus started.
We arrived college around 9pm.
Then, I did my paper work about my presentation the other day and finished my homework.
Finally, I was off to bed.
That's what happened.

As for today,
I was late for class. Literally.
Luckily, Catherine knocked on my room door.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have attend class.
Thank you, Catherine!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am back! :)

Okay, so I have been neglecting my blog for about 2 years.
I am so sorry.

What have been going on with my life?
Hmm.. Let me see.
I am now studying at Putra International College, in Malacca.
It's my 3rd semester already.
Come and visit me sometime.
What else?
Errr.. I have a crush on someone.
I can't tell you who it is, yet.

Oh and, I feel like changing my blog's layout and everything.
Maybe later.
I'll be back again in the afternoon.