Thursday, June 30, 2011

Raphael's name =P

Let's begin..
It's a rainy day.
Coldness surrounds me.

Well, this morning,
When I came to school,
I used the same way passed the staff room big door and turned right.
In front of the another staff room door - the small one, where students can't go in through that door,
There, I saw Madam Tan Mee Lan, Raphael and Valdo.
You know the pathway is kinda narrow?
So, I just walked through.
Valdo gave way while his hands was like, "Silakan" and said, "Raphael."
I passed by Raphael's right side and Valdo sang the marriage song - if you know what I mean xD

Oh yea, Miss Esther Tong saw me this morning and said,
"Karen Tan! I saw my name in your blog." - in Chinese.
I just smiled.
To think it back, did I wrote her name on my blog?
I don't remember O.o

We also had class picture day.
Haha.. For sure I hate how I look >.<
After that, I went to the toilet with Elizabeth.
On the way back to class, we passed by in front of 4E1,
And in front of us were Aaron William and Valdo, heading towards us.
Valdo and Aaron said, "Raphael, Raphael, Raphael."
After that, Valdo said,
"Bila mau kahwin? Kalau kahwin, jangan lupa jemput saya o!"
My face turned red that time and was smiling from ear to ear >.<

During English,
We were given SPM questions from the passed years.
5 questions, choose 1.
I chose a very interesting title.
"My Perfect Future Husband."
Haha.. I wrote all about Raphael's personality >.<

When school ended, I saw Raphael.
But, I just walked as fast as I could.
So, I could arrive home early.
On my way, I heard someone called me "Raphael."
I turned around and saw my friend =.="
Then, she asked me,
"Kamu bergerek dengan Raphael ka?"
I answered, "Tak la. Suka jak."
She said, "Jangan tipu ah."

Dang it! Tomorrow I'm gonna give Raphael his birthday gift.

Went to Youtube - 119 likes..woohoo >.<

To my sister, Kanisha..

Quote of the day : Every women deserves a man who looks at her every day like it's the first time he saw her.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smile :)

Well, today turned out making me smile xD
During assembly, I saw Raphael received him BSMM certificate.
*Wish I could take his picture myself* >.<

This morning,
Roystance said, "yerrr" to me in canteen and smiled.
I said, "What?"
He answered, "Nothing."
Every time I says what, for sure he says nothing =.="

Oh and,
Roystance came to my house today - night time. *Bet Sharon's gonna be jealous*
Man! Roystance kept smiling at me >.<
When he walked out from the kitchen, he said,
"Eh! This Saturday is Raphael's birthday kan?"
I answered, "How did you know?"
He said, "I know la."
Before he went home,
He shook hands with me and we smiled to each other. <--ALWAYS~

Most visitors that came to my house kept asking me whether Roystance and I are in the same class.
Because Roystance and I looked like we know each other.
My mum answered for me.
She said, "Kelas mereka sebelah saja."

And, Cindy Ling said that she wanted to help me with Raphael if she could xD
Thanks Cindy >.<


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lots of things happened O.o

Hey hey hey people! xD
Well, today I saw Raphael again.
Lots of times.
He kept passing by my class >.<

During recess,
I went to the counseling room to fill up a form Mr. Yuan was talking about yesterday.
But, Mr. Yuan said that he will call class by class to fill up the form.
So, okiee!
I waited and waited.
For nothing =.="

During recess,
Felicia and I passed by the staff room.
Cikgu Dayang came out and saw both of us.
Then, she scolded us for not informing her that we couldn't take care of the ICT room yesterday =.=''
Malu eh >.<

I looked back at my comment on Youtube again - for fun.
I got 80 likes >.<
My comment became the toppest comment of all.
Bangga eh xD

Cecilia told me something after recess today.
About someone who's name starts with the letter B.
Someone we both dislike =P

And and and,
Daniel Wong (1S2) said that if I wear my spec, I look cute.
If I didn't wear my spec, I look pretty.
Thanks anyway >.<

Cecilia also told me to give Raphael's gift on Friday next week.
Because it is close to Saturday - Raphael's birthday.
So, I told her,
If I try to run away, pull me back xD

 Super Junior - Blue Tomorrow

Quote of the day : Jealousy means that you really love that person.


Monday, June 27, 2011

I was excited =P

I was so excited today =.="
Thought that I was going to get my netbook today.
But, NO!
I can only get in on Saturday with my parents.
I don't know which Saturday to be exact =.="
What the!
Lots of rich people get a netbook as well.
There are "conditions" on getting this netbook.
Such as..
Must be discipline all the time - neck tie higher, name-tag on, etc..
Write a letter saying sorry if there are discipline problems =.="
And, during any program, the netbook is a must bring..
If any one of the "conditions" above not followed,
The netbook will "ditarik balik" =.="
Susah la macam ni~

I saw Raphael 3 times today. I THINK!
First, I saw him before class starts - I saw him looking for someone.
Second, I saw him in front of 4E8 during recess. I THINK!
Third, I passed by him after recess. He was with John Bosco :)

I was supposed to take care of the ICT room today.
But, I just went home.
I need sleep.
After I arrived home, I immediately sleep til 6.

And and and, OMG!
Raphael's birthday is just around the corner.

I checked back the comment on Youtube - Big Bang's Tell Me Goodbye again *LOL*
It has 45 likes now - 3 days xD

Here's something =P

Quote of the day : Simple music can make you sing.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


After I went to church,
I have to wash the pictures for Moral's project.
Washing the plate, sweeping the floor, etc..
I moved all the pictures from my camera to my pendrive.
Then, I went to the Kodak Center to wash the pictures.
*LOL* Raphael's picture was in the pendrive too.
After it is done, my mum look through all the pictures and saw 2 picture of Raphael.
She said,
"You really like Raphael?"
I just smiled >.<

Oh and,
I went to Youtube and checked back what I commented on Big Bang's Tell Me Goodbye MV.
I got 17 likes in 2 days - second top comment >.<
And, I have uploaded the Mufti Day video on Youtube too.
The 4E9 silly fight.
Just type : Mufti Day 2011 (SMK ST. COLUMBA)
and give a "LIKE" or COMMENT =P

One more thing, Raphael is online right nowwwwww!!!!
I feel like screaming myself out *LOL*
He commented on my status!
My goodness!
I felt like melting xD
My status was ---> There are a lot of people who call you by your name, but there is only ONE PERSON who can make it sound so damn SPECIAL. He commented..

I found this on Youtube >.<
Nicee~ ♥

Quote of the day : Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rest day :)

Lalalalalala ~
This morning, I woke up at 10am.
Because I was tired.

Last night,
Philip Chen asked me that,
Why am I so crazy about Raphael?
And he wonders that, does the obsess bothers Raphael =.="
I, myself didn't know =.="
And then, he told me that Raphael is so "xing fu" with me around.
*LOL* Is it? xD

Plus, I don't have to go for activities today.
The KK prefects are having camp.
So, no interruptions >.<

Big Bang - High High
I made this 2 pictures last night using photoscape =P
G-Dragon & T.O.P


 And, I just made this this afternoon >.<
Raphael Tang ~

Friday, June 24, 2011

What a day =.="

Today, my Civic exercise book "kena rampas" by my Sejarah teacher =.="
I can only get my book back next week T_T
How unlucky..
My Sejarah teacher isn't sporting at all D:
During Civic lesson, the teacher didn't scold me.
Luckily she was in a good mood.

That is all =.="
Not quite much to post..
I didn't even see Raphael today..
Hmm.. D:

Introducing BIG BANG !
Mirotic is DBSK's song, not Big Bang's.

Quote of the day : Fall in love only when you're ready. Not when you're lonely. 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fine day :)

This morning..
When I was passing the "Bilik Guru",
I saw a woman walking towards me?
She walked up the 2 stairs and went to the counseling room.
Raphael was beside her.
What the!
He was just in front of me with that woman =.="
Oh! So close >.<
I saw him offering help to carry her bag.
But, she refused =P
Man! HE is so TALLLLL ~~

Senior Kelvin came looking for me to give the 3K shirt and asked for the payment :)
His hand reached out to give the shirt to me.
Suddenly, he pulls it back to him and said,
"What did you write on Twitter?"
Then, my eyes went big.
And, I said,
"Sorry." lots of time.
After that, he gave the shirt and I didn't pay.
Not enough change =P
I wrote about 3K on Twitter because I was pissed off =.="
I never knew that he knew O.o
And and and, how did he know??

When school ended,
I went to ICT for the blogging thingy.
Before that, I swept the floor with Mazwan and Affiq.
Then, the teacher asked me to register my blog.
OMG! My blog, majority are about Raphael =.="

Anyway, here's some picture of the 3K shirt :)

  School logo :)

And, I bought this after school >.<
It's still in it's plastic >.<

Quote of the day : Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Assembly *yawning*

Today, we had an assembly.
It took an hour plus.
I felt so sleepy man!
I kept yawning =.="
Raphael was the MC for the assembly :)
Madam Robinette told us that one student had been kidnapped and have not yet to be found.
Another case =.="
She said that the student was offered a ride from a stranger and got kidnapped.
Man! What is happening these days? =.="

And, I saw the picture of the drowned boy from my school.
Someone had put all the pictures from the newspaper on the co-curriculum board.
The main title was "Tragedi Ponteng Sekolah"
If I am not mistaken :)

Miss Soo told us that Kenneth was found under a big rock and was naked.
The waves must have washed his clothes away D:
The most worse case ever happened in my school O.o

These are conversations between Cahr and I.
Last night, she asked me on Twitter,
"Who is Raphael?"
So, I told her.
Then, she asked me to post Raphael's picture on her Facebook wall.
So, I did :)
On Twitter,
She wrote..

And, on Facebook..
This is our conversation :)

On Mufti Day~
My property ♥
My current Facebook profile picture >.<

Quote of the day : If your heart still hurts, it means you still care.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mufti Day :)

OMG! Today is..
You can wear any type of clothes on this day >.<
Mufti Day was introduced by Miss Leonie Armour - a passed principal.
Hehe.. I brought my camera to school too.
To take picture of Raphael.
But, failed.

Actually, this morning..
HE came into my class to make an announcement on the ISCF and YCS thing.
That time, I was holding the camera.
But, because he came in,
So, I kept looking at him.
I totally forgot to take his picture D:
Oh man! I blame him =P

Raphael wore this to school.
*Copy & paste from Cecilia* =P
Raphael & Cecilia :)

I almost forgot.
This morning,
When I entered the school front gate,
Valdo said,
"Raphael Tang ini."
Then, joined by the other prefect boys.
I just went on smiling..hahaha xD
*Welcoming committee* 

This afternoon,
Felicia and I took care of the ICT room again :)
When Felicia came in,
She told me that she saw Raphael downstairs and said,
"Hey, Raphael. Just now Karen said she want to take a picture with you."
Raphael responded,
*smile* ehehehem
Oh-Mah-Goodness >.<

Cecilia commented on my blog link on Facebook.
She wrote,
"yea, ur blog's reli interesting cause its all about *AAAAKKHEM* XD"
Because it's full of you-know-who xD
Thanks AGAIN, Cecilia xP

And, here's a video that I recorded today.
Watch it.
Mufti Day 2011

Oh and, I found my last year's class picture on PC 13.

3T4 (2010)

Quote of the day : When you are in love with that one person, everything about that person seems so PERFECT!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Columban Day~

Hmm.. Today is COLUMBAN DAY!
I love the slide shows xD

Today, Raphael was on stage.
Before the assembly starts, he asked everyone to line up?
Then, everyone boo-ed him.
But, I don't mind :)

During Moral class,
The teacher asked us,
"Siapa ada blog?"
P/S : The teacher wants the people with blog to join the blogging competition.
Then, Darren raised his hand up, pointed at me and said,
"Cikgu, Karen ada blog. Saya selalu baca."
So, the teacher asked me to come for meeting this Thursday =.="
Thanks to Darren D:

I also went to Madam Maria Jau to ask for the camera pass :)
I wanted to take Raphael's picture tomorrow.
Hmm.. Well, actually I want to take A PICTURE WITH HIM :)

This afternoon,
Felicia and I take care of the ICT room.
We talk and gossip about a lot of people.
We went through their Facebook profile and said,"eeeww" to each picture.
We even went through Air Asia, Mas Wing and Malaysia Airline for flight booking to Kuching.
Both of us were the noisiest people there xD
Felicia said Raphael's name so loud in the ICT room too.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Teehee xD

Yesterday, Cecilia told me that she knew about the thing that happened on Wednesday.
*Nehh! During assembly, Raphael sat almost next to me*
She even told me that a lot of prefects knew about it too.
They all saw how I was acting and trying to not look at Raphael >.<
She said that it was so obvious.
Dang it! People knows.
Well, gossips spread fast like lightning ya' know..hahaha

Felicia gave a compliment about my blog.
She said that she likes all the story on my blog and my blog is nice :)
Thanks Felicia ◕‿◕

Oh yea,
Yesterday, I even watch Marry Me, Mary! <--- My favourite ♥
I watched this drama last year in KBS World (391)
Now, it's in 8TV (708)
Unfortunately, it's in Chinese D:
But, I don't care.
I still wanna watch it =P
Too bad that it only has 16 episodes..

My very first idol..
Ken'ichi Matsuyama
5 March 1985
The first time I saw him was in the "Death Note' movie,
channel 708 two years ago.
At first, I saw the commercial about it.
So, I decided to watch it because I thought that it was a scary movie.
Instead, it was about death.
And, I fell in love with his "L" character <-- Picture above

Ken'ichi Matsuyama's very own logo for his "L" character.

The "on the way" new school logo?
SMK Saint Columba

Quote of the day : God is good all the time.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, 3K camp started yesterday afternoon.
But, my mum wouldn't let me go.

Hmm.. Today I went to school for ICT club meeting.
All the ICT prefects are compulsory to come.
Only 13 of us came this morning.
The meeting was about the ICT shift.
Now, I have to take care of the ICT room twice a week,
that is on Monday and Tuesday with Felicia :)
It is also about the blogging competition. Top 3 get to bring home a..
1st place : iPad
2nd place : Smartphone
3rd place : Digital camera
But, I chose not to join =P

So, next week..
Each one of us are going to sign up for a blog.
But, I already have one =P 

Then, after the meeting..
The 3K head prefect saw me.
OMG! Scared me much..! =.="
I saw Elizabeth and she was wearing a pink shirt xD
She told me that the camp was boring~
And and and..
If the egg shell or the 10 green beans lost or break,
You need to carry a brick,
And if the brick break,
You need to carry a flower pot,
And if the flower pot break,
You need to carry a rubbish bin.
What kind of camp is this? =.="

I even saw Mazwan, Darrell and Peterson at the school hall. <---(graduated last year)
They were teaching the brass band members :)

 Big Bang - Love Song

P/S : I love BIG BANG! ◕‿◕

Quote of the day : Promises mean everything. But once you break them, sorry means nothing.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tragedy D:

Hmm.. Today we were having a short assembly at 9 in the morning.
Because Madam Robinette wanted to tell us that we had lost a columban.
He was Kenneth ak Sirai, Kelvin ak Sirai's little brother.
Kenneth was a Form 3 student in class 3T9.

Kay, here's how the story goes.. -This happened yesterday-
Kenneth and 10 of his friends skipped school and went to Marina Bay's beach.
5 of them went swimming including him.
The tide was 200 meters high.
Then, he was carried away by the strong waves.
And, a friend of his, from 1S5 tried to save him but failed.
His friend is now in the hospital.
Unfortunately, Kenneth's body is not yet to be found.

I saw the news in the internet too.
That was fast O.o

But a friend of my mother told the story a bit differently..
My mother's friend said that 11 of them went for barbeque at Marina Bay and got drunk.
When they realized that Kenneth was drowning, some of them asked help from construction workers?
The construction workers called the Bomba Department and Marine Team for help.

That's all I know :)
But still, I don't know which story tells the truth.
We just need to wait and find out..

Well, Madam Robinette was so mad about the tragic incident that she asked every one of us to update our home address, phone numbers and everything that has to be update to our class teacher.

Kenneth ak Sirai
May God be with you :)

P/S : The school concert tickets will arrive next Monday~

Quote of the day : Never skip school. Something bad might happen!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lovely day~

Okay! Today, our school was having assembly.
Fact : 4E7 and 4E8 are always in my class's "barisan"
That makes the school prefects to ask the one's who are standing at the back to move to other class's "barisan"
And today was my day.
I was standing at the back.
Then, Raphael asked Sharon, followed by me and the one's who were behind me to move to the other line.
Soooo.. I go loh! P/S : I'm not mad because Raphael was one who asked me to move xD
When the teacher asked us students to sit down, Sharon sat in front of me.
I left a big space in front of me, hoping that Raphael would sit in front of me..hahahahaha
But, Raphael sat on my left. Except there's a girl between us.
I always look my right side or look down to smile..*LOL*
Raphael arr Raphael.. You are so CUTEE ♥

Now, next story..
OMG! Miss Mabel left 4E9 a letter O.o
When the assistant class monitor - Zara read the letter for us all,
My tears came out.
The letter content sweet and sad sentences :')
That's why I didn't make any eye contact with my friends.


Oh yea., after recess, I was heading to the toilet.
I saw 2 prefects standing in front of me.
But, I didn't care.
When I passed by them, I heard someone said "RAPHAEL TANG"
I turn to my back and it was Valdo who said it =.=" 

And *LOL*
Today, my class was supposed to have English extra class / luar sidang.
But, my friends doesn't like extra classes. So do I.
So, they lied to Miss Charis that extra class is cancel if assembly was on in the morning.
She believed them and we all said.."Yay~~" xD
During this lesson, Miss Charis asked us to introduce ourselves.
Only I didn't need to. Because..
I was about to introduce myself and that's when she said..
"Karen. I know. You're in my Facebook friend list *smiles*" xD

And, here's the picture about the Father's and Mother's Day in the earlier post..=P
My mother and brother >.<

I love this song..
Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye

Quote of the day : There are no instructions for how to lead your life.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh man! School today~

Hmm.. I just woke up from my 1 hour nap and immediately started to online >.<
In school, I felt so sleepy.
I went to bed at 11 last night.
But, I only managed to sleep at 1 something =.="

Okiee! Miss Mabel - class teacher / English teacher had gone to Kuching.
So, it means.. Miss Evon will be my new class teacher.
Miss Evon told us that Daim won't be coming to school til the end of this year.

And and and, I've got a new English teacher.
Her name is Charis Hii.
My friend, Joy Hii's older sister.
She's a temporary teacher and will be teaching until this October.
She said that we can look for her in Facebook and STALK her..
*LOL* I thought Miss Esther Tong will be teaching us.

Well, 3K prefects and candidates need to go for briefing after recess this morning.
It was about the 3K camp. AGAIN!
Adilla, Elizabeth and I told Senior Kelvin that we couldn't go for the camp.
Our mother wouldn't let us.
So, Senior Poh Kiong asked us to give a letter to proof.
I just nod my head and went straight back to class.
It took 30 minutes of my time.
I missed Science period - starting of Chapter 4 =.="
Dang it!

This morning, Felicia told me that she saw Mr. Kong and Miss Soo at Parkson last Saturday.
They were dressed in white and formally.
Miss Soo was so pretty.
She didn't wear her spectacles and she wore make-up.
She saw Mr. Kong carried a big box that time.

Next, Adilla told us that she worked at Grand Palace as a part time worker.
She told me that Miss Lorraine had her wedding ceremony there last Saturday.
Columban teachers were there too.
Miss Lorraine's husband is an Ibanese.

Then, I knew the connection of these stories.
I hit Felicia who was sitting beside me like I was in shock.
I told her,
"Now I know why Cikgu Kong and Cikgu Soo wore formally last Saturday. They went to Cikgu Lorraine's wedding."
Then she replied,
"Ooo.. ya la."
*Both of us looking at Adilla*

*K-Pop Time*
SS501 (pronounced as Double-S Five-Oh-One or
Deo Beul E Seu Oh Gong Il (더블에스오공일) in Korean)
The name of the band is a combination of letters and numbers that have special meaning. The first “S” stands for “Superstar". The second “S” is an abbreviation for "Singer". The combination of 5, 0, and 1 symbolizes "five members united as one forever".

TVXQ - Mirotic
Ooh! I love their dance..

Quote of the day : God will never take anything away from you, without giving you something much better.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's and Mother's Day~

Today, in church, we Christians - Follower of Christ celebrated Father's and Mother's Day.
My church is located near my school.
No, it's not the Anglican Church. It's around in Centre Point.
Search for it.. I DARE YOU! *evil laugh*

Oooh! Father's and Mother's Day was fun. Fun to watch..hehe.
A huge cake was prepared on a big table in front.
Then, parents need to go and stand in front and feed each other.
Aww.. so sweet ♥
Those who's husband or wife didn't attend church due to something important or can't be avoid also need to stand in front and be fed by their child.
My mum was one of them.
So, my brother went in front with my mum and fed her with the creamy cake..haha
P/S : My father is over sea and is a Buddhist =P
I can't go to the front with my mum because I was the photographer..

Haha.. The MC said that this event is to bring back the good old memories in the time of their own marriage.
Most of the "couples" said that, there weren't cake during their wedding. *LOL*

Hmm.. Actually I wanted to post the picture of my brother and my mother.
But since my sister took my camera earlier..=.=" <--- My sister didn't even take a picture of them
I'll just have to wait for my bro, Maxson to post it on Facebook >.<


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Wow! Quite a rain last night. Strong wind as well.
The rain kept pouring and stopping =.="
Hmm.. My homework aren't even done yet. They're lots of them.

Philip arr..
I forgot to spam your wall again.
I mean like always.
Was supposed to be spam for 3 days.
But, I only remember to spam every 2 days =.="
I'll spam right after this.
Don't worry. *evil laugh*

P/S : I love my blog..haha. Because majority of my blog is in blue colour. I love blue *evil laugh* =P

Quote of the day : Believe in God and you'll be save.


Friday, June 10, 2011

K-Pop madness

Ehehe.. I watched 2AM on TV last night.
And, it was AWESOME!
I was screaming like crazy!
Dang it! They are so handsome.
But, it only lasted for 30 minutes >.<
Then, I watched K-Pop *my favourite + hobby* =P
After that, I logged in my Facebook account.
I saw notifications from Cecilia and Jessven.
*LOL* Cecilia commented on my link - my blog's link that I posted on Facebook.
She wrote,
" DANGIT. :( "

Next, Jessven! He tagged me in a post =.="
He wrote,
" Karen Tan pls stop the obssession of my dad xD hahahaha and Nice touch with the song for the Blog!@ awesome ♥ "

Wanna see Raphael's picture?
Here you go.. *you better not steal the picture* =P


Raphael Tang Li Ern (4E3)

Taken on Mufti's Day 2009
Credits to : Chan Yik Khan

*Make my day great, fun, incredible, unforgettable, etc..
And, I'll post your name on my blog. NO JOKE! *evil laugh*

*Hmm.. I'm addicted to K-Pop.
I mean who doesn't x)

Quote of the day : If you're hungry, the kitchen is always ready for you.*requires a house..hahaha*


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sshhh.. *thinking*

Last night, I was thinking about Raphael's birthday gift that I am going to give him next month.
I was thinking that Raphael doesn't want any gift and he just wants a simple birthday wish from me.
*thinking too much + negative thinking* =.="
Then, the word "birthday wish" hit me. Wanna know why? I am afraid that Cecilia will do the same to me as what she had done to Raphael. And by that, I mean, she pulled/dragged Raphael just to wish me a happy birthday last time.
Who knows.. I'm her next victim. *OMG!*
So, I checked the calendar.
Guess what!?!! HIS birthday is on Saturday.
Oh yeahh! Say sayonara to your next victim, Cecilia *evil laugh*
3 more weeks to go - HIS birthday *whew*

P/S : My broadband will be cancel this Friday. That means I don't get to online using PC anymore. Luckily, there's the school ICT and my phone *evil laugh*

2AM - I Did Wrong
Watch them tonight at 9.30pm
in channel 705.
They're coming to Malaysia! x)
Quote of the day : People with problems should ask God for help.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My dream =P

Sorry.. I forgot to post about my dream 2 days ago.
My dream was about Raphael.. >.<
In my dream, there was me, Sharon Christabelle and Raphael.
That time, the 3 of us were playing basketball. *=.="*
Raphael dribbled the ball and Sharon chased him.
When Raphael ran to the corner of the basketball court, he has no way to ran. *muahahahaha*
Then, Sharon struggled to ''rampas'' the ball from Raphael.
But, Raphael fight back.
So, Sharon kissed Raphael's cheek 3 times. *T_T*
And finally, Raphael let go of the ball.
Sharon took the ball and passed it to me and I was ready to score in.
Unfortunately, Raphael jumped on my back to make me unstable. *WTF?*
And so, we both fell to the ground. *=.=''*
I landed on my back and next to Raphael. *teehee*
Ahaha.. I landed on his left arm. *>.<*
Then, he took his wallet out and showed me 5 pictures. *I think it was his family picture. Not sure. Because it looked like old pictures, you know, without colours*
After that..

One more thing, 2 days ago, in the morning, Philip Chen messaged me. He wrote, "Morning my lover lol :-*" and he even called me "Dear" >.<
I felt shock. But then, I am used to it already ^^

Wehh! Don't make me fall in love with you..haha. Oh and, drink more water arr.. MUST! =P

Stay healthy and safe. Please come back and visit once in a while - means during school holidays, long holidays. Dude! I miss you and you know that..haha

ZΣΣ's new hairstyle.. >.<

*My blog, My post, My story!

Quote of the day : A relationship with God is the most important relationship you can have.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Weird day =.="

Afternoon people!
Well, nothing interesting happened.
But, something funny and weird did.
And so,
What I am about to write, happened this morning, early in the morning.
Around 1 to 2am =P


This happened at first..
I liked Mazwan's status.. The one below
1st person to like my status- I will marry u on fb for a week
2nd person to like my status- u will be my profile picture for 24 hrs.
3rd person to like my status - I'll write ♥ u on ur wall for 3 days.
4th person to like my status - I will answer any question. (inbox Only)
5th person to like my status - u can pick my next status 
6th person to like my status - I will tell u my secret!
and I'm the 3rd person to like his status =.="

I re-post his status for fun >.<
Then, Mazwan liked my status and he was the 5th person to like my status. He inbox-ed me and asked me to write this as my status (tag as well) --->  I still love you Raphael ♥ and i need you now!

Hehe.. Mazwan wrote, "I heart you*blame the status thingy*" on my wall too.*Agree*
Philip Chen was the 3rd person to like my status.
So, I spammed his wall with "I ♥ u" xD

And and and,
I watched this before I slept..
Man! My heart beats when I listened to his voice 
Hmmph.. I feel so jealous. I wish that lucky girl was me :) 

P/S : Now, I know a lot about G.Dragon. Special thanks to all my sources.. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Formspring babeh! xD

*I'm a Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Zee Matanawee Keenan and Kwon Ji-Yong lover.. >.<
Let me post each picture of them :)

Ken'ichi Matsuyama, 26, Japan
 ZΣΣ Matanawee Keenan, 23, Thailand
 Kwon Ji-Yong (G.Dragon), 23, Korea
**K-Pop is my thing**

And and and,
G.Dragon, 我爱上了你! >.<


Friday, June 3, 2011


Hmm.. Slept at 3.30am =.="  *don't ask me why*
Hehe.. I changed my phone's ringtone 2 days ago because I felt bored listening to my old one. *LOL*

My new ringtone.. xD

My old ringtone.. >.<

O.o CW liked my profile picture's album yesterday. All of the sudden =.="
*it makes me remember about the message that he sent to me last time* :)

Yesterday, Daniel Wong told me who he likes. We exchanged name on the person we like. *LOL*
He only gave me a tiny hint and I guessed correctly =P
And and and, Daniel doesn't believe that I'm in 4E9's class.. He said that I look like a 4E5 student =.="

Haha.. I played Pet Society just now xD It has been a year plus since I played Pet Society. *LOL*
Let me post out 2 of my favorite rooms in Pet Society :)

Bedroom :)

 Royal Garden :)

*Pictures are better than Youtube videos huh? =P
P/S :
1) I'm addicted to "Cinta Melody" xD
2) I'm addicted to Raphael and CW *LOL*
3) And and and, I'm addicted to this song as well.. *it's quite long*

ZE;A - All Day Long

Quote of the day : If plan A doesn't work just remember, there are 25 more letters of the alphabet.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First day of June..

It's JUNE!!
Today, when I was blogging, CW's chat popped out. He wrote, "hi" xD
The conversation went on and on..
All of the sudden, he wrote..

I just replied,

*why did he asked?*
Still buzzing in my mind.. =.="