Monday, December 14, 2015

Life as we know it

I'm not going to talk about what happened today.
In fact, I'm going to talk about something.

Okay, so..
This year, I have seen a lot.
I have seen:
People who lost their loved ones.
People who take advantage of other people.
People who get scolded for no reason.
People who are making other people hate them.
People who are being nice to you for a reason.
People who turned back to God (or against).
People who changed.
People who realized they're not meant to be.
People who are "parasites".
People who talk bad about their friend(s) on social media.
People who wants to earn fast money without knowing the consequences.
People who says and thinks Sarawakians are not smart.
People who compliment themselves.
People who are thankful for people who were nice to them in the past.
People who are naive.
People who are nice to others no matter what.
People who are afraid to order their own food.
People who are clumsy.
People who judge other people's clothes.
People who make fun of handicapped people.
People who destroy the homeless' source of income.
People who forgive.
People who lie to keep you happy or protect your feelings.
People who willingly go through a lot for the sake of someone they love.
People who know they have a lot of debts, but just let it be.
There are so many more!

I, sometimes don't understand why.
Why it happened?
Why do people do it?

Change for the better, not for the worse.
You know yourself.

Don't sit back and complain about what a bad shape the world is in.

Pardon me if I'm out of topic.