Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Video!

Hello! It's been a while.
Been busy since it's my second last semester.
Okay, here's the thing, it was our Christmas event the other day and we made a short video for the event.
I posted it on YouTube.
If you don't mind, I would like you to go on YouTube to check the video out, 'like' or even comment.
Or you can just watch the video down below.
It would be very much appreciated 💕


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Monday, December 14, 2015

Life as we know it

I'm not going to talk about what happened today.
In fact, I'm going to talk about something.

Okay, so..
This year, I have seen a lot.
I have seen:
People who lost their loved ones.
People who take advantage of other people.
People who get scolded for no reason.
People who are making other people hate them.
People who are being nice to you for a reason.
People who turned back to God (or against).
People who changed.
People who realized they're not meant to be.
People who are "parasites".
People who talk bad about their friend(s) on social media.
People who wants to earn fast money without knowing the consequences.
People who says and thinks Sarawakians are not smart.
People who compliment themselves.
People who are thankful for people who were nice to them in the past.
People who are naive.
People who are nice to others no matter what.
People who are afraid to order their own food.
People who are clumsy.
People who judge other people's clothes.
People who make fun of handicapped people.
People who destroy the homeless' source of income.
People who forgive.
People who lie to keep you happy or protect your feelings.
People who willingly go through a lot for the sake of someone they love.
People who know they have a lot of debts, but just let it be.
There are so many more!

I, sometimes don't understand why.
Why it happened?
Why do people do it?

Change for the better, not for the worse.
You know yourself.

Don't sit back and complain about what a bad shape the world is in.

Pardon me if I'm out of topic.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sad. Tiring.

As you can see, the title says it all.
Well, there was no class today, but I was supposed to accompany Puvin to go jogging.
I set my alarm the night before -- 7:50 AM
When my alarm rang this morning, I woke up and turned it off.
I was thinking, Puvin will call me about this, so I went back to sleep.
Before 9 AM, I woke up and checked my phone.
There was a WhatsApp notification from Puvin saying that he wanted to sleep.
So, I told him to just sleep. Lol
I was too sleepy and lazy myself.
I went back to sleep again.

A few minutes before 11 AM, I received a phone call from aunt Jenny saying that she's coming to Melaka from KL.
She wanted to bring me out for lunch.
I said, "Okay."
I mean, who doesn't want free food?
I got out from bed around 11:15 AM and shower.
...and I got ready.
But then, Puvin called me to go out for lunch with him.
I told him I was going out with my aunt around 12:30 PM and he sounded sad.
I would've brought him along if he didn't have class in the afternoon.
So yeah, he came in front of my dorm to get my pendrive from me because he needed to edit and print out a permission letter to leave classes.
I gave him a bun as well, because I didn't want him to go hungry.

My aunt arrived earlier than the time she stated.
Puvin sent me til the stairs to the boys' dorm.
I went up and meet up with my aunt.
I thought she was alone, but she wasn't.
It was a bummer.
My uncle was with her.
Uh huh, we went out for lunch at Suukee Chicken Rice.
We talked and talked.
I knew my uncle was going to talk to me about insurance.
When I told him about Elken, he said insurance is the best.
At first, he demotivated me.
As time goes, it made me feel like,
Adakah patut he ask me, "Bill Gates is a billionaire, why does he still have to work?"
What kind of question is that?

...and so, they sent me back to college.
I saw Fiona and Julie were on their way out.
When I got out of the car, their faces were like, eyes bulging out and mouths were wide open.
They said the car is really cool.
I remembered it was a Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Since they were going out, they asked me to tagged along, going to Mydin with Zul and Rina as well.
We went there to withdraw cash and pay our Wi-Fi bills.
I bumped into Catherine and Xue Nee while I was at the ATM.
They wanted a ride home, so I said okay.
Our ride back to college was pretty packed.

On our way back to our room, Puvin was at the washing machine, picking up his stuffs.
He asked me how was lunch?
I was so mad and told him everything about my uncle.
He said he knew it.
He knew that if I came back happy, it's because I'm with my aunt.
If I came back angry, it's because of my uncle.
True, true, true!

We talked for a while and Puvin decided to skip class, since it's Mr. Hong's class.
I asked him if he was sure.
He said yes because he hasn't packed his stuff yet.
Where is he going, you ask?
Well, he's going back to Kuching for his cousin's wedding.
We talked and he sent me off -- back to my room.
We were going to 'lepak' again before sending him off to Melaka Sentral.

We 'lepak' around 6 PM.
We talked and talked, and suddenly I felt sad.
I don't know.
Was it because he's leaving tonight, or something was bothering me?
I just don't know.
...and after a while, we had dinner, talking again and he sent me back to my room at 7:30 PM.

At 8 something, Fiona, Julie and I were waiting at the lobby to send Puvin to Melaka Sentral.
I called Puvin and he said he was putting his socks on.
...and finally, he came.
Julie said he looked like he was going for a camping trip. Hahaha
As we were walking down the stairs to the parking lot, Zexen appeared unexpectedly.
I didn't know he came.
So, he came together with us.
I asked for Puvin's phone and searched Locked Away by R. City on Youtube.
I asked him to listen to that song, later.
Also, Zexen was telling us that Pastor John really like me and Puvin being together.
That is kinda... Weird?

When we arrived Melaka Sentral, Zexen wanted to go eat.
So, we went to McDonald's.
After eating, he said he was still hungry.
I gave him a how-come-you-are-still-hungry dash face.
I didn't want to tell this, but I kept looking at Puvin.
I miss him even though he was next to me.
...I was too ego to admit.

It was almost time, so we had to send him off at the platform.
He put his things in the bus trunk and came back to me.
He hugged me and kissed my forehead.
I don't know what I was feeling.
Was it sadness, or emptiness? Maybe both?

Okay, here comes the funny part.
He was going into the bus.
Turned out, it was the wrong bus.
He got out and took his things, and went to the bus next to it.
He put his things in and Fiona said, "Fail! Hahaha. Ask him to hug you again."
He went inside immediately though because it was almost time.
When the bus started moving, he waved goodbye to me and gave me lots of flying kiss.
I did the same.
Automatic reaction.
Then, off he go.
On our way to the car, Zexen and I conversed about something and ended up asking each other a weird question.

Zexen kept on bullying me in the car.
I said, "Puvin pergi, alu kena buli."
Fiona: "Ohhh, takut dengan Puvin oh."
Zexen: *paused* Respect.
I asked if we were going back or going to eat.
...and then I said, "Aku tauk, Zexen and... KAU lapar." to Fiona.
So yeah, we ended up eating at a mamak stall near D' Puteh.
I ordered roti naan (flatbread) and a glass of Teh O Ais.
I told Puvin I was eating roti naan and he said that's his favorite.
Suddenly, I was craving for that and I didn't know why.

Bla, bla, bla!
We're back in college.
Back in the room and showered.
It felt weird.
I didn't leave room, like I used to.
No Puvin! T.T
5 days without him.
I'm just in my room, waiting for Mars to show itself in the sky.
Well, there wasn't.

Oh yeah, I asked Puvin if he had listened to that song.
He was listening to it.
I told him to read the lyrics as well.
He was shocked that the lyrics matches our everyday question.
It's almost the same.

All in all, it was a tiring and a sad day.

R. City ft. Adam Levine - Locked Away

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"I don't know." - 8th semester

I know, it's been like more than a month.

So, yeah.
It's my 8th semester.
This is my 2nd week of this semester, already.
I don't know.
It feels like college, sometimes it doesn't.
I just don't know.

Truthfully, my classes aren't packed this semester.

When I don't have classes, I don't know what to do.
I can't just stay in my room, take long naps and going online all the time.
I can't just go dating all the time.
Well, those are my only options because I don't want to study, but I still want to pass.

But, when I do have classes, I want to go back to my room, as soon as possible.
Lectures are boring but sometimes it's fun.
I don't know.
I can only pay attention when the lecturer is saying something interesting, you know, something that attracts your attention.

That is all because, sometimes I feel like I have a future studying under this college, sometimes I don't.
Sometimes, I ask myself:
...What job will I get when I graduate?
   ...How much salary will I receive?
      ...Will I be unemployed?
         ...How can I help my parents?

I don't know what to do.
It's my third year in degree.
...and I have like 4 semesters to go.
I can't just stop studying.
I've gone this far.
I've survived 8 semesters.
I'd be really stupid if I decide to quit this college.

I can't say what my future is going to be like.
I leave everything in God's hands.
He knows best.

Friday, July 10, 2015

End of semester 7!

Well, well, well.
I made it through this semester.
It's the end of semester 7.
5 semesters to go.
Guess what?
This was one tough semester.
I would like to thank those of you who has helped me.
Without you, I would have given up on education, and life.
Because, I'm hoping to get a good result this semester.
*fingers crossed*

Oh and,
Yeah, finally.
I've been here for 7 months.
Can you imagine, not seeing your family for 7 months?

Worst part is...
I'm gonna miss my boyfriend.
His sweater, his hug, his scent... EVERYTHING!
We wanted to spend time together, after my last paper.
Unfortunately, it seems a little impossible.
We were both busy packing and cleaning.
Eventually, my brain thinks that he doesn't love me anymore.
I know, typical, right?
Girls are like that.

I'll write up until here, 'cause I feel a heartache.
...and I feel like crying.

Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here
This song totally explains my whole situation right now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The sound of trumpet coming from the sky.

That's right!
The sound of trumpet coming from the sky.
If you're a Christian, you'd know what it means.

How did I know about this?
Well, yesterday I was scrolling through Miri Community's group page on Facebook and crossed upon a post.
It was a screenshot-ed news about a trumpet sound coming from the sky and the sound was heard throughout the US to Germany.
To be honest, it made me scared because I knew what it meant.

Today, I told Fiona about it and her eyes kinda bulged out.
She immediately asked me to show her the screenshot-ed news.
I searched for it in the group and came across something else.
It was video.
It didn't have any attractive title, description or thumbnail, but I opened and clicked play it anyway.
The venue of the video was at a parking lot and everyone was looking up into the sky, confused.
Weird sound coming from the sky.
When I first heard it, I knew exactly was it was.
It was the sound of trumpet.
I asked Fiona to come over and listen to it.
Then, Julie told us that the sound of trumpet from the sky was heard 5 days ago, in Bintulu, her hometown.
This is getting strange and scary.

I told my boyfriend, Puvin about it after dinner before he sent me back to my room.
After talking, I went back to my room and online.
I think about a half an hour later, Puvin called me.
He sounded panic and asked me to come out and see him.
I came out from my room and saw him on the phone.
I don't know who he was talking to, but I'm sure it was important by the looks from his face.
I asked him why did he call me out.
He walked towards me and placed his left hand on his chest.
He sat down on the stairs to my block and I sat with him.
He told me that the person he was on the phone with was his brother, Beron.
He said Beron had a dream about this yesterday morning.
He dreamt that he was walking, and then an old man stopped him by showing him a newspaper article.
While showing him that article, the old man said that the trumpet sound will come from Germany and it'll be doomsday for all of us.
Beron just took a swift look at the newspaper.
The old man continued, "The light will shine from Syria."

After I heard the story, I had goosebumps.
His brother even said that the article that came out is exactly like what he saw in his dream, but without the title. The layout was exactly the same.
We were speechless after he told me the story.

If you'd read
Matthew 24:31 "And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other."

Matius 24:31 "Dan Ia akan menyuruh keluar malaikat-malaikat-Nya dengan meniup sangkakala yang dahsyat bunyinya dan mereka akan mengumpulkan orang-orang pilihan-Nya dari keempat penjuru bumi, dari ujung langit yang satu ke ujung langit yang lain."

This news is by CNN Indonesia.
Translation: The sound of trumpet is heard from the US until Germany.

Another news.

This newspaper article is what Beron saw in his dream, except it doesn't have a title.
The layout is exactly the same.

The video that I saw in Miri Community's group page.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seventh semester!

*Sorry again, for not updating.*

Guess what?
This is my second week of semester 7.
The first week was real tough.
Or should I say busy and stressful.
It was full with assignments, presentations' preparations, quiz, meetings and I had to go for my part time job too.
I barely have time to take naps.
Naps are pretty important to me.
I barely have time for my boyfriend too!

Oopps! Did I say boyfriend?
Oh no, you caught me.
Yeah, I have a boyfriend.
He's Indian.
I know, I know.
"WHAT???", right?

My boyfriend's not totally Indian though.
He's mixed.
He's an Indian-Bidayuh from Kuching, Sarawak.
Surprisingly, his lifestyle is like a Chinese.
He can use a pair of chopsticks way better than me.
I, as a Chinese, feel ashamed.

His name?
Nah, not gonna tell you, yet!

When did we started going out, or should I say dating?
Well, you find out.

Now, back to the topic about my new semester.

Since this is my second week of semester 7, I hope it wouldn't be as tough as last week.
It felt like I was struggling for my finals.
Gotta strive for the best this time.
I'm just aiming for a pointer of 3 and above.
I can't bear to see my pointer dropping.
I'll feel sad, really.

So yeah, I have 7 weeks left of this semester because it's a short one.
I can't wait to get everything over with.
7 weeks to go!