Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surprises ~

This morning *forgot the time*,
Grace said to me,
"Karen, don't cry kay? I know Raphael want to leave already. 1st April kan? That day he said goodbye to the prefects. Don't cry kay?"
P/S: I wasn't even crying. I was sitting on my seat, looking here and there. Lol -.-"

After school,
I was in the school canteen with Claudia, Theresa, Fung Ming and Annie.
Suddenly Annie talked to me in Chinese, but I translate it :)
Annie: Karen, which class are you in?
Me: 5L9
Annie: There's a new student in your class, right?
Me: Really?
Annie: Yes, Dennis Ann. People said his class is 5L9. If not in your class, maybe 5L8. But, everyone said 5L9.
Me: Really? Dennis?
Annie: Yes, Eileen said he's really handsome.
**Then, both of them went home or somewhere else**

Wow! If that's true, then my wish came true.
I've been wishing for a new student to be in my class since last year xD
The qualifications:
1. A boy.
2. MUST be Chinese (since there's only 3 Chinese in my class)
3. Handsome. (LOL!)

It's really strange that I didn't know.
I was friends with Dennis on Facebook for a few weeks and told him that he looked like Wu Chun from Fahrenheit -.-"
Now, he'll be in my school?

Here's his picture if you would like to know how he looks like:
He's the one in all 4 pictures :)

Me, asking him whether he'll really be in my school :)
 Can you read it? xD