Friday, September 30, 2011

Noisy day -.-"

Noise, noise, noise everywhere.
4E8's class too.
Because they were carving their woods.
The boys in my class kept shouting and all.
These boys sat next to me and behind me -.-"

Felicia, Elizabeth and I talked about our future today.
How big our house will be, our career and what do we want in our house.
Damn funny! xD

*School ends*
I walked behind Mimie.
Then, we both walked pass the teachers' lounge.
In front of the main door was Mr. Edmund.
Mimie waved at him.
So did I.
All of the sudden,
Mr. Edmund said, "Bye, Karen."

I've added Mr. Edmund on MSN.
I don't know if it's the correct email address xD


Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Mr. Edmund's last day D:

Went PJ-ing today.
Quite fun :)

After I got back to class,
I continued with my woodworking.
I painted it with "Cat pelakar." (White)
Then, I painted it with poster colour.
It ended up.. Nice xD

It's Mr. Edmund's last day teaching us D:
He's my English teacher.
My favourite :)
Few weeks ago,
He said that he will teach us for a month.
And he did D:
My friends and I didn't want him to go.
*tsk tsk*
He wrote us a quote on the blackboard,
"Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take,
 but by the moments that take your breath away."
He also gave us his e-mail address to keep in touch with him since he doesn't have a Facebook account.

Before going home,
We said,
"Goodbye," "Take care," "God bless," etc..
And shook hands with him.
When I shook hands with him,
I almost cried.
I wanted to hug him. Lol?
All he said was,
"Bye, Karen."
Aww.. I miss Mr. Edmund already.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wood carving :)

*Art lesson*
Here's the thing,
I carved a ♥, R and a ★ on a wood.
Some people saw me doing it.
And, guess what did they say.
They said,
"Robin Chong ka?"
Some said,
"Yerrr.. Raphaelll.."
It was too late to re-do it.
Since I knew Raphael likes someone else.
I started to carve it last week - on Tuesday.
And on that day too,
Cecilia told me that he likes someone else -.-"
I was about to throw it.
But, I couldn't possibly do that.
My art teacher assigned us to do it -.-

Eanaa told me to get over him.
Because he is not worth it.
Sharon told me to burn all of his pictures, even the ones in my wallet -.-"
Cruel much xD


Thursday, September 22, 2011

I don't know what happened, okay? -.-"

I heard Asyraf had an accident yesterday.
It happened at Tanjung's road.
Lol? He said that his RM 79.90 black pants ripped during the accident.
His school prefect pants xD
Well, almost everyone in school knows he uses motorbike to school :)

Today (and yesterday),
People kept asking me,
"Karen, what happened to you and Raphael?"
What are they talking about?!??
I had no idea.
I mean like seriously -.-"
I'll just let it be..


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cecilia said..

*School ends*
Cecilia saw me and called for me.
She told me that Raphael likes someone else and that person is not me D:
I said,
"Who? Sharon?"
Cecilia replied,
I continued,
And she said,
"I can't tell you.."
*tsk tsk*


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Merdeka Celebration !

When I came to school,
I saw a girl from other school with her parents standing in front of the "Pejabat Am."
Maybe she's from Chung Hua.
The first thing I thought when I saw the girl was Corina Sim.
I once told Corina that I missed her and I remembered she said that a new student will come the next Semester for sure. They always does -.-"

Eanaa sat in front of me during assembly and we talked a lot.
Poor Sharon.
No one to talk to.

I saw Lim Zheng Hui's hand.
It was "casted"? <-- I don't know how to spell it. Lol?
I heard that he was cutting wood during camp and accidentally hit his left hand.
One of his vein "putus."
So, now his pointing finger is unable to move?

I kept looking at Zheng Hui during assembly.
He looked like G-Dragon.
Seriously.. - From my point of view xD
I told Eanna.
But, she said that Zheng Hui is more handsome than G-Dragon.
Yea, true xD

Today's assembly was GREAT!
There were lots of performance.
Dancing, reciting poem, drama, etc..
I love drama the most.
Bet you all know why xD
Raphael was in it.
He was soooo HANDSOME!
And and and, FUNNY.. Of course >.<
1 Malaysia dish huh?
I wanna try it =P

Before heading back to class,
We chanted "Merdeka!" 7 times.
It was FUN! xD

Ei? Cecilia didn't come and look for me.
I thought she wanted to ask me something.

P/S: My English is getting worse -.-"

Beast - Fiction

Quote of the day: Dreams can come true! - Cinderella


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Somehow embarassing =.="

This morning was damn funny.
It's like this.
My class was chosen to go for a "Pantun" competition.
The competition was supposed to be next week - 20 September.
But, when it was time for BM lesson.
The teacher rushed in and said,
"Hari ini pertandingan. Saya baru je tau. Cikgu Effendi tengah call bas untuk bawa kamu semua."
All the 20 students from my class went there.
Only 14 people were left..haha.
I kept laughing.
I heard that a lot of them haven't memorize.
I saw Azman started to memorize the "Pantun." xD
Khairunisa didn't even memorize.
And and and, I just found out that our school is in 3rd place.
Wow! Unbelievable O.o
No practice, no nothing.
Gets 3rd place. OMG!

While I was waiting for Sharon at the canteen.
Valdo looked at me and said,
"Raphael Tang!"
I was kinda blurr -.-"

After that,
Sharon and I went to the toilet.
When we walked back from the toilet,
We passed by 4E1's classroom - as always.
I saw Valdo coming and I tried to walk as fast as I could.
Guess what!
He shouted my name,
"Karen Tan! Karen Tan! Why don't you say "Hi" to me? I know Raphael Tang!"
Embarassing much.
In my heart, I was like,
"Crazy bah this boy."


Friday, September 9, 2011


Entertainment News!
My idol, G-Dragon is the NUMBER 1 ICON in Korea.

And as for TOP,
He is one of the most HANDSOME idol among 88 guy idol in Korea.

Sorry for the short post :P
I have nothing else to share.
I'm a proud VIP! :)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New English teacher :)

Raphael went on stage today.
2 times to be exact.
I felt like crying when I looked at him :(

Okay. So..
I have a new English teacher.
His name is Edmund Lau.
He is now 38 years old.
He is an ex-Columban.
His life is kinda great.
He traveled to 48 countries and lived in 7 countries.
He's not rich, but he can afford to travel around the world.
It's because he taught English in each country, such as Spain.
He earned RM60 per hour.
He told us :P


Friday, September 2, 2011

Friends For Sale!

You read it right.
Friends For Sale (FFS) - on Facebook.
It's a game where you buy your friends and raise their values.
Everyone's value is 100,000 at the beginning.
Now, mine is 2 billion plus :)
High, right?
Well, thanks to Then Sze Chuan (my owner)

Why am I writing about this?
Because this will be a memory.
Lika Games is going to shut down Friends For Sale tomorrow - 3rd September 2011