Friday, December 2, 2011

K-Pop "LIKE" Contest!

First thing:
On Facebook,
I saw my yesterday's status.
I thought I'd get like about 10 - 15 likes.
Well, I'm just boasting here xD

I'm attractive! HAHAHAHA!

Eanaa told me that Cecilia thinks that I hate her.
Weird huh?
Why would I hate her? :O
And, if I did hate her, why did I hate her in the first place? :O
In fact,
I'm thankful to her, since she helped me a lot about Raphael last time.
Cecilia, I guess you misunderstood? :)

I joined a K-Pop "LIKE" contest!!
Conditions are easy.
Just post a photo relating to K-Pop and the admins will transfer it into an album.
There, the photos will be "LIKE"
To win 1st - 3rd place, 1000 likes.
4th - 6th place, 700 likes.
7th - 10th, 300 likes.
So, I posted BIG BANG's photo.
I don't mind if I don't win.
The prizes aren't cool enough.
It's LAME! - Seriously -.-
I'm only joining for fun xD
What I want was..
Ordering BIG BANG's merchandise online.
But, they're really expensive -.-"
Shipping included..
So.. I'll just say adios to the things T.T

I posted this photo to the K-Pop "LIKE" Contest! :D

These are the BIG BANG merchandise that I want so badly *sob*

, this is for you! :D


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