Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seventh semester!

*Sorry again, for not updating.*

Guess what?
This is my second week of semester 7.
The first week was real tough.
Or should I say busy and stressful.
It was full with assignments, presentations' preparations, quiz, meetings and I had to go for my part time job too.
I barely have time to take naps.
Naps are pretty important to me.
I barely have time for my boyfriend too!

Oopps! Did I say boyfriend?
Oh no, you caught me.
Yeah, I have a boyfriend.
He's Indian.
I know, I know.
"WHAT???", right?

My boyfriend's not totally Indian though.
He's mixed.
He's an Indian-Bidayuh from Kuching, Sarawak.
Surprisingly, his lifestyle is like a Chinese.
He can use a pair of chopsticks way better than me.
I, as a Chinese, feel ashamed.

His name?
Nah, not gonna tell you, yet!

When did we started going out, or should I say dating?
Well, you find out.

Now, back to the topic about my new semester.

Since this is my second week of semester 7, I hope it wouldn't be as tough as last week.
It felt like I was struggling for my finals.
Gotta strive for the best this time.
I'm just aiming for a pointer of 3 and above.
I can't bear to see my pointer dropping.
I'll feel sad, really.

So yeah, I have 7 weeks left of this semester because it's a short one.
I can't wait to get everything over with.
7 weeks to go!


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