Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Entered the school gate.
Saw heart-shaped balloons and I know which club is that.
It was Interact Club! :D

On my way upstairs,
Eanaa was on her way down.
She saw me and said,
"Eh! Karen, go to the ERT room after you take your attendance."
I nodded.

*ERT room*
Everything was ready.
But then, Eanaa had to go home and get something.
So everyone waited for her in the ERT room.
After she arrived school..again,
She paired a few people up.
I was paired up with Theresa! :D
We were in charged of Block C.
We went there and I was nervous to the max!
We went to 4E2, 4E3, and 4E5 first.
Before going down from the 3rd floor,
Theresa and I was talking and fighting over the 'box.'
Ms Robinette saw us and scold us.
You know, she kept taking pictures using her iPhone -.-"

We went to the 2nd floor.
We went to 5L3 and 5L4.
While calling people from 5L3,
Everyone were like,
"Raphael! Raphael!"
I saw Raphael looking at me!
I just smiled and laughed.
And and and,
Raphael was..sitting with Emily Sim!!! *jealous*

Went back to the ERT room and hang out there.
Theresa wanted to help me with the Valentine's that I wanted to give to Raphael.
Awww.. So sweet of her.
Eanaa was doing her's for Lancelot.
I don't know why, but Theresa and Eanaa asked me about how my love story goes and all of the sudden Theresa cried.
Luckily, Eanaa didn't. Just almost.
I said, "Don't cry. Don't cry." to Theresa.
Then she said,
"So sad ba.."

Received my BSMM Valentine! :D
Had my Mathematics and Science topical test.
Quite easy.. :D
Luckily I studied last night :P

After school,
Theresa and Eanaa came up to my class.
They asked me to read the letter they helped me with and sign it.
Then, we saw Raphael.
Theresa shouted Raphael's name, but too bad he can't hear.
We went down and we stood in front of the teacher's parking lot near the "Pejabat Am" because Eanaa wanted to go take something.
So, I read what Theresa wrote.
All of the sudden,
Someone kinda hugged me from behind?
I turned around and saw Cecilia.
Theresa immediately snatched the paper away from me and I could see Cecilia wanted to get that paper.
After that,
I grabbed back the paper from Theresa and continued reading it.
Eanaa then came back with her phone.
Aww.. She took the letter's picture and a picture of me too.

Few minutes later,
Off we go to canteen to look for Raphael.
But, he wasn't there.
So, we walked towards the school hall.
Guess what!
Raphael was walking the opposite way - towards us!
Theresa stopped and talked to him.
I stood there smiling and feeling nervous.

Theresa called me and said,
"Karen, give to Raphael."
So, I gave the Valentine's stuff to Raphael.
Theresa continued,
"Come on la. This is Valentine's Day. Say Happy Valentine's Day."
And yea,
I looked at Raphael and said,
"Happy Valentine's Day."
He replied,
"Happy Valentine's Day."
Then off he go.
Theresa then asked Raphael to read and keep the paper.
He just raised his left hand up without looking back.
I take that as a.. YES!
*I saw him holding a rose in his hand. Who the hell gave him? -.-"

Passed the school hall.
Someone shouted my name.
I turned around and saw Amos.
So, I waved at him.
Felt that I should have buy for Amos too.
There's still Mooncake Festival :D

P/S: Eanaa, you should have take a picture of me and Raphael while I gave him the stuff. HAHAHA!

 Letter that I gave to Raphael.
Try zooming it.
You can read it.
I've tried :D

 Me holding the Valentine's stuff and letter >.<

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