Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'News' from Theresa..

Arrived school.
On my way to class,
I expected to see Raphael, but he wasn't at his duty place.
Was a bit sad.. (since I know he's going to leave) T.T

On my way home,
I saw Charis Lorin.
He asked me,
"Where's Ryan?"
School of course. Duhh! -.-"

Claudia was going to tutor me in the afternoon since she texted me yesterday telling me that she's going to tutor me til badminton ends.
But, when I came in the afternoon..
I immediately went to the school canteen and spotted Theresa and Eanaa.
So.. I just sat with them.
Theresa told me that Claudia already went home -.-"
We talked and talked until..
Theresa asked me to draw 2 graphs for her.
LOL! It was fine. I had nothing to do anyway :D

These are the interesting part, I guess.
1. Theresa told me that she asked Raphael when is his birthday and he answered 2nd of July.
2. Theresa told me that she saw a piece of paper with my email address and password at home. She said my password was 020795 (Raphael's birthday). She even asked me what password is that? I don't know either. LOL!
3. Theresa said she's been asking for Raphael's reply (the letter) and he keeps on pointing like it's in his bag or something.

Oh and,
Eanaa had to go home early.
She need to catch her bus.
10 minutes after Eanaa left,
Theresa and I went home.
We're gonna stayback again on Thursday :D

Someone made me an admins for G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong)'s page :D
Some say it's because I am a big fan :D

P/S: I really hope that Raphael would reply my letter. Oh please.. I know I'm going to keep it forever ^^

BIGBANG 5th Mini Album Title Song 'BLUE' RELEASE!
2012.02.22 0:00 (KST)


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