Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lazy, not busy.

I'm back in Miri for my semester break.
Yeah, I know. It has been a few months since I last updated.
No, I wasn't busy. I was just lazy. I mean, I am.
Furthermore, the wifi is too far. Too far, I tell you.
I have to get out from my room to reach the wifi.
Ain't nobody got time for that.

What was I doing for the past few months?
Well, I was struggling to survive.
I had to study and work.
Study to get good results and work as a part-time waitress to pay my room's rental. (Not really. I used up the money to buy food!)
Sounds hardworking, right?
Yes, I study, but I always end up sleeping.
And yes, I work, but I always end up eating in the kitchen.
See! Lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I've been busy eating and sleeping.
That's like my daily routine.
Ask me what do I do for fun?
It will always be eating and sleeping.
It started ever since I became a teenager.
Blame puberty.

Now, about the IELTS exam.
I did BAD!
Regret for not sleeping.
Yeah, I didn't sleep the night before the IELTS exam.
I fell asleep during the listening test.
I took more than 40 minutes to finish Section 1's reading test because when I read and read, I can't seem to focus.
The writing test was okay, I guess.
And then, there's this one more test that was 3 days after the other 3 tests.
It's called the speaking test.
I did BAD for this one too.
During the speaking test, the judge(?) will keep asking "Why?" so we would talk more.
I didn't know that until she hand me a note during the ongoing speaking test.
On the note, she wrote, "Why? means talk more."
That was nice of her, but still, I can't manage to talk more.
At the end of the speaking test, I asked the judge a question,
Me: "Can I pass?"
Judge: "How can you pass when you didn't talk more?"

What else?
Hmm... Well, there's this guy who has so much in common with me.
That's all I can tell, for now.
So yeah.
That's the end of my post.


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