Friday, November 18, 2011

Love me? No, thank you..!

This is it! -.-"
My friend fell in love with me.
How? When? Why? :O

Why can't it be Raphael? T.T

How did I know? 
- He chats with me everytime I go online -.-"
- He texts me like he's my boyfriend.
  Example: "Have you eaten?", "What are you doing?", "Good morning <3" and even a SMS
- He even asked,
  "Would you date me if I ask?" and "Do you have feelings for me?"

I'm not over Raphael yet.
I don't date gangsters.

This brings back my memory where 7 boys chased me at the same time - last year -.-"
That's why I prefer chasing rather than being chase.

I understand the feeling of rejection.
I was rejected once - by my Senior.
After that, I rejected him back.
*evil laugh*
I'm cruel xD

I miss Raphael! T.T

 Yesterday's status :)

 Picture taken by Eanaa (the price tag)
She tweeted me:
The link is the price tag picture :)
I'll buy it. Hahaha

Played the "Inbox me a number & I'll post about you."
Here's what I get from Benny -.-"


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