Friday, November 4, 2011

Read, read, read!

During History,
Madam Irene announced the winner - "Pembentangan."
Daim's group won.
Their chocolates were.. WOW!
For the rest of us,
We all shared a packet of Choclairs.
Then, Hafiz (Daim's group) gave me one of their chocolates.
Aww.. Thank you! :)

During Mathematics,
Boniface, Felicia, Zara, Harryzon and Darren came sitting around me at my table.
We talked about religious stuffs.
Then, I borrowed a comic book from Muhd. Ain since he brought a lot of them.
The comic book was thick -.-"
I read it until the 4th period.
4th period was Civic.
The teacher snatched it away from Darren first.
Zara said,
"Karen! "Karennnnn!!"
The teacher said,
"Tak payah. Saya dah nampak awal-awal tadi."
I gave the book to the teacher.
Others read comics too.
They're lucky because they hid it earlier.
When the recess bell rang, the teacher gave the comic books back.

I read around 3 comic books.
When Miss Soo Ying Chiong came in,
She told us that we can bring Monopoly and UNO cards to school.
Poker cards are not allowed!


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