Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MAMA 2011

It's MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Day!

Date: November 29, 2011.
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It broadcasts live.
I watched MAMA on 8TV.

2011 MAMA Stage. 
The shape of the Chinese character for ‘human(人) ’
The character for ‘human(人) ’ is a personification of the MAMA slogan, ‘Music Makes One’, bringing all Asians scattered across the globe together at one place through music!

 People queuing  inside of Singapore Indoor Stadium!

More photos of MAMA 2011:

Super Junior


Kim Hyun Joong

Some videos of MAMA 2011:

Super Junior - Superman + Mr Simple + Sorry Sorry
2NE1 - Lonely + I Am The Best

Kim Hyun Joong - Lucky Guy

I watched MAMA on Youtube and managed to capture this :)
Yes, it's BIG BANG!



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