Monday, March 24, 2014

Lucky me!

Good afternoon!
Sorry for not updating yesterday like what I promised.
It was because I arrived college, late!
Yeah, late.
Let me tell you why.
Yesterday, I went to church with Fiona, Julie, Tracy and Eva.
And then, we went to Aeon to watch the new movie, Need for Speed.
The speed. The thrill. The excitement. It was just awesome!
Okay, now back to the topic.
After the movie, we waited for the bus at the bus station.
We waited for about 2 hours and finally, the bus started.
We arrived college around 9pm.
Then, I did my paper work about my presentation the other day and finished my homework.
Finally, I was off to bed.
That's what happened.

As for today,
I was late for class. Literally.
Luckily, Catherine knocked on my room door.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have attend class.
Thank you, Catherine!


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