Monday, March 31, 2014

The sweetest thing!

Hmm.. Where do I start?

Today, I was in a bad mood.
The whole day.
It's like, the moment I wake up, I hate everything.
Seems like I changed into a whole new person, but I was still the same person, of course.
Maybe I wanted my 'alone time.'

Around 5 or 6 in the evening,
All of my friends went jogging.
I didn't follow, obviously.
I didn't have anything to do, so I went to Catherine's room to ask for her help about the accounting assignment.
I was half done in an hour.

I told Catherine that I wanted to go for dinner at 7.30pm and she agreed to accompany me.
When the time came, I went back to my room and get my money.
As I was locking the door, all of my friends came back and I saw Amalina holding a pizza box.
I didn't really care as I was still not in the mood.
So, Catherine and I walked all the way to Ayub Bistro, a mamak stall.
There, we bumped into 'Sampat Family.'
My crush was there too.
Oh and, Catherine brought up about the pizza thing.
She said, "They brought you pizza already."
I told her that I can eat it later.
Only then it hit me.
They were stalking my tweets.
This was one of them:

After that, we went to Mydin.
Bla bla bla, we walked around.
As we were lining up to pay for the stuffs, Catherine said, "Is that Lingham?"
I looked around for Lingham. I did not see him. At all.
I was about to ask, "Where?" to Catherine, when I saw Lingham right in front of me.
We borrowed his 'Meriah' card to get 30% and 50% discount for the stuffs we bought.
And then, the three of us walked back to college together.

As I arrived in front of my room door, I saw a lot of slippers.
I opened the door and saw Julie, Amalina, Fiona, Tracy, Eva and Clara.
They said, 'Hi!' to me and I just smile.
I saw the notification light on my phone blinking.
I opened it and saw a text from Fiona that was 3 minutes before I entered the room.

After that, I went to shower.
I came out after 20 minutes and saw the pizza box on my table.
Something was pasted and written on the box.
This was it:

I didn't want to eat it, but the smell was tempting.
Surprisingly, I ended up eating 3 pieces. Muahahaha! -.-
I'll have to admit, it's kinda sweet! :)
I love them so much!


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