Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coincidence or fate?

First of all, I just wanna tell everyone that it's my best day ever!
Why, you wonder?
Okay, I'll tell you.

Today, we went to the theatre.
Fiona wasn't going because she sold her ticket to Eshal.
So, that's left me, Amal and Julie.
We were told that those who were going need to be at the lobby around 7pm.
When we reached the lobby, we saw Elena, Joanne, Janice, Wei Jian and Johnathan.
Amal asked them if they were going and yes, they were.
Johnathan was wearing a black and white long sleeves, and so was I, except with short sleeves.
Coincidence? I think not.

We were going to the theatre by van that Ms Helen had provided.
Who is Ms Helen?
She's one of the best lecturer.
She's the one that we were going to see in the play.
Back to the story.
Everyone went into the van.
Shangeri and Huda went in first and sat at the last row.
Joanne and Elena went in after and sat at the first row.
After that, Johnathan went in and sat at the second row.
Amal went in and sat next to Shangeri.
I was standing outside of the van, figuring out where to sit.
Suddenly, I saw Elena patting the empty seat right behind her, which was next to Johnathan.
And yes, I went in and sat next to Johnathan.
Janice sat next to Elena, while Wei Jian sat in front with the driver.

It felt so uncomfortable sitting next to Johnathan.
It was really awkward.
I didn't know what to do.
I looked behind, where Julie and Amal was sitting.
Amal said, "Kelaka" to me.
It means, 'Start a conversation' in the Sarawak language.
I told her that I don't want to.
So, it was awkward silence between me and him.
Still, I was happy sitting right next to him.
It was like 2cm apart.

Upon arrival, we saw a lot of high class people. Literally.
Almost everyone was wearing formally.
And mostly were middle aged people.
We were considered the youngest there.
After taking our goodies bag, we were asked to go inside the auditorium.
It was so cool and cold.
I was sitting right behind of Johnathan.
It was a good opportunity.
Opportunity for what?
Opportunity for taking pictures of him.
And yeah, I took so much of it.

I told Amal that we should take pictures together with Julie.
Guess what!
Amal snatched away my phone from me and passed it to Johnathan, asking him to take our pictures.
He said that he wanted to take a selfie first. Haha.
Then, he asked me which part of the screen to touch to take our picture.
I told him.
After he took our pictures, I totally forgot that I took his picture from behind before my phone was passed to Johnathan.
It's no big deal? IT IS A BIG DEAL!
My camera application shows tiny pictures of the previous pictures taken.
I bet he saw his picture.

About 20 minutes after,
A guy that really attracted me walk in.
He was wearing a black singlet, shorts and shoes.
He has tattoos and piercings.
I kept looking at him and all my friends noticed.
I said that he looked like Shafiq.
After he sat down, just across of Elena's row, I said this aloud: "He looks like Jay Park!"
They all laughed and agreed.
Johnathan immediately asked Janice, "谁是Jay Park?" (Who is Jay Park?"
Janice went on instagram and show him a picture of Jay Park.
He said that they don't look alike at all -.-
Oh and, Elena took pictures of us all using her phone.
Thank you, Elena! :)

Around 8.30pm, the play started.
It was going on and on.
Then, there was a 15 minutes interval.
My Jay Park went out.
To be honest, during the play, I planned to approached 'Jay Park' and take a picture with him.
When I came out from the auditorium, I saw him and he was looking at me.
He was talking to an elderly woman, so I went to the toilet first.
After coming out from the toilet, I walked to where he was and he looked at me, again!
But he was still talking to the elderly.
I wouldn't want to interrupt. 
It's a matter of respect.
The play was about to start, so my friends and I went in.
A few minutes later, 'Jay Park' walked in.
He sat in front with someone.
I assume that it's his mother.
After that, his 'mother' walked away from her seat and talked to someone else.
'Jay Park' was alone and Amal said that it was a good opportunity.
Too bad, the lighting wasn't good enough. It was dimmed.
Didn't take any picture.

And then, the last play started.
Ms Helen was in it.
We cheered for her when she appeared.
She was doing really well.
Good job!

After the play ended, 'Jay Park' went out immediately.
I shouted, 'My Jay Park!' and Johnathan giggled and looked at him going out.
So much for taking a picture with him.
I wanted to chase him, but Amal said that we should take a picture with Ms Helen.
So yeah, I went to Ms Helen.
We went on stage and something happened.
I didn't know what I did but, my butt hit something right behind me.
I looked back and saw Johnathan.
My 'behind' bumped into Johnathan's 'front.'
Why, oh why?
I saw Wei Jian laughing. Man, why did you have to see that?
That was embarrassing.
I really didn't know Johnathan was behind me.

Never mind about that.
So, we took a picture or two with Ms Helen and her husband.
After coming down from stage, I told Amal what had happened.
We went to the toilet and then the parking lot.
We waited for the van for about 20 minutes, I guess.
I think Johnathan was staring at me.
He was leaning at the wall and staring at me. (My assumption)

When the van arrived, I sat behind with Amal and Julie.
He was sitting in the first row, where Joanne was sitting earlier.
Our destination was McDonalds because we were very hungry.
At McD, only Amal and Johnathan stayed in the van.

Julie and I lined up in the same queue.
When it was my turn to pick up my order, everyone vanished.
I looked around again and I saw Johnathan near the one sided door.
He was waiting and walking around.
I thought he was waiting for Wei Jian.
I ignored him and went back to the van.
You know what?
Everyone was already in the van.
Does that mean Johnathan was waiting for me?
Please tell me he was.

After arriving college, he immediately went out of the van and said, "MU!"
Oooohhhh! He's a fan of Manchester United.
While on our way back to our room, Amal told me something.
She said that Johnathan talked to her.
Johnathan: Tidak makan/turun ka?
Amal: Tidak.
Johnathan: Suruh Karen belanja.
Something like that. I forgot what she told me.
OMG! He said my name. Hahahaha

I guess that's my story.
Long, isn't it?
I still can't get my mind off of what happened on stage.

The booklet they gave us.

The picture of Johnathan before he helped us to take our picture.

This was the picture he took for us.

There's my 'Jay Park.'

A picture with Ms Helen and her husband on stage.


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