Friday, April 11, 2014


Yes, unexpected.
At the end of the day, I kept wondering, "Why did all these happen?"

Okay, here's how everything started:
This morning, I have 2 classes, which was IELTS and English Literature.
I woke up 10 minutes before class.
The first class started at 8.30am.
I went to the bathroom and shower.
I came out at 8.40am.
I told Amal that I'll be going to class at 9am.
She agreed to go late with me.
When it was time, we both went. (Fiona wasn't going.)
Unexpectedly, Mr. Gan did not say, "Good afternoon." to the both of us.
He always says that when his students are late.
He was expecting around 6 students to attend his class, but there were 18.
After we took our seats, Amal told me that Johnathan didn't come to class since his seat was empty.
So, we proceed with class.
Class ended at 10.30pm.
Those who didn't come for IELTS, burst in through the doors to get in.
Mr. Gan asked us to take a 5 minutes break.

I went back to my room.
I was lying on the bed and when I looked at my clock, it was already 10.50pm.
I was late again. I was on break for 20 minutes.
It felt as though as a minute just passed.

I quickly went up the stairs to class and when I reached class, the class had not even started.
So, we were going to answer some questions on the board and present our presentation.
Bla, bla, bla!
It was time for presentation.
Mr. Gan asked, "Who wants to go first?"
Amal pointed me and Johnathan's gang said, "Johnathan!"
Then, Elena said, "Karen first, then Johnathan."
I felt something was wrong.
Unexpectedly, Elena went first.
After her presentation, I don't know who was presenting next, me or Johnathan.
I looked to where Johnathan was sitting and I heard him saying, "我还没有准备好。" (I am not ready), while going through his file.
But he went in front and present.
His focus was "Sacrifice."
When he was presenting, I didn't want to look at him.
I heard Fiona saying, "Look in front."
While he was presenting, Mr. Gan kept saying, "We already know that."
Mr. Gan also said, "If you have a teacher like this, what will happen to the students?"
Amal answered, "Fail!"
I laughed.
I shouldn't have done that.

After Johnathan finished presenting, it was my turn.
I went in front and stated:
1. Presentation 1 or 2
2. My topic
3. My focus

When I said my focus was "Love is blind."
Everyone kept quite. Literally.
I sensed something was wrong again.
I started talking about my presentation and Fiona laughed.
I know why she laughed. It was as though as I was talking about Johnathan.
Well, I wasn't.
After finished presenting, the presenter has to ask the students a question.
My question was, "Do you think love is blind? Why?"
Mr. Gan asked me to choose someone.
I saw Fiona laughing, so I chose Fiona.
Mr. Gan asked her, "Fiona, what do you think? Do you think love is blind?"
Fiona: "Based of my life, as her roommate, love is very blind."
The whole class laughed.
I was starting to think that she was trying to exposed about me having a crush.
Mr. Gan: "Very blind?"
Fiona: "Not very blind, but blind."
Mr. Gan: "Why?"
Fiona: (Looking towards me) "Do you really want me to answer?"
Me: "NO! Thank you. Catherine?"
Wei Jian: "No, I want Fiona to answer."
Catherine: "Sheldon Cooper is talking." (And she explained her answer.)
After that, a debate happened between Catherine, Elena and Anthony.
Jenq Shiuan: (Raised his hands) Love is unconditionally. (And explained his answer.)
Jenq Shiuan's answer was really good.
If not mistaken, Wei Jian said he wanted to know my answer.
Mr. Gan: "Yes, Karen? What is your answer?"
Me: "I think love is blind because you can't see the flaws or weaknesses."
Wei Jian: "Wrong answer."
Catherine: "There is no right or wrong answer."
Mr. Gan: "Be more specific."
Everyone nodded and waited.
Me: "I can't answer."
Mr. Gan: "It's not that you can't answer, you just can't find the right words to explain."
I nodded and wanted to go back to my seat immediately.
Thank goodness Mr. Gan let me off.

No wonder I sensed something wrong.
I think they knew, because I saw them looking at Johnathan.
That was embarrassing.

After class, I quickly went out.
I can't bear to face the people in class.
I went for lunch.
While having lunch, we saw Serra, Nicole and Ashwini.
They were taking everything from the room to Serra's car.
We asked Serra where was she going.
She said, "Quit."
She was quitting college!
Unexpectedly, I was feeling sad.
Seriously, SAD!
We took pictures with her.
And, off she went.

After lunch, we were going to Melaka Central to buy bus tickets.
We went back to our room and get ready.
Wanie and Atiqah were going to bring us.
After we bought the tickets, we went to AEON because Wanie and Atiqah wanted to buy books using their vouchers.
We were going up to the first floor and I was leading the way to Popular.
I was a few steps ahead of Amal, Fiona, Wanie and Atiqah.
We were almost there.
That's when I saw Johnathan!
I stopped walking and saw Wei Jian next to him.
I turned around and run to the back of Fiona while saying, "Johnathan! I saw Johnathan!"
They asked me, "Where?"
And they saw him. 
Jenq Shiuan and Johnathan came near and I heard Jenq Shiuan said, "真巧。" (What a coincidence.)
I wasn't staying, so I walked my way to Popular.
I didn't know he was going to be there.
You know what? Amal and Fiona told me that they had a feeling that Johnathan was going to be there.

We went back and arrived college around 5.30pm.
Fiona got ready for her Futsal training and I was ready to go jogging.
I went out and wanted to use my usual way, which was passing by the swimming pool.
I changed my mind when I saw Johnathan's bottle and slippers.
I saw Johnathan looking at me.

After what had happened today, I decided not to come out from my room.
Luckily, tomorrow is Saturday.
I don't even need to get out from my room.

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