Friday, April 15, 2011

Forgot to post about my result xD

Here's the thing. My result is kindaaa okay..
Here's the picture of it..

I know that it's not that clear.
But, try to look closely.
Just don't damage your eye.. haha

Yesterday, I took care of the ICT room again.
I told Kelvin and he said, "kepo la you." Haha.
He was staying back for account class that time.
During afternoon session's recess yesterday, the 5 person came again.. =.="
3T10 people keep calling my name every time I passed by their class =.="
I know I am famous in the afternoon session la.
So what if I am the ex da jie!
I am no more a da jie =P

By the way.. I wanna use this logo as the 3K's logo. Nice what!


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