Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new friend :)

Well, to start off,
Kelvin is staying back for account's exhibition preparation.
Me? I am staying back for ICT's prefect duty.
And, I am in the ICT room right now..haha.
Kelvin even came to ICT

During afternoon session's recess just now,
There's these 3 chinese girls coming to ICT.
They asked me if they can online for a while.
I said can.
Then, 2 more came.
A boy and a girl.
It was Jia Hui and a guy that I don't know.
Jia Hui is my friend.
But, I don't know that guy.
All I know is that he is a paikia.
His name is Chin Wei if I am not mistaken.
I looked at his name tag just now =.="
The weird thing is, he kept looking at me.
OMG! The most terrifying one was when I was sitting down, he came near me - closely and look me in the eye.
In my heart, I was like, "OMG! He is so cute.."
Then, I said, "What?" to him in chinese.
He just smiled at me.
After that he grabbed my pen and gave it back to me.
Bla bla bla, he went out and said,
"Bye-bye" to me =.='''

Ishhhh.. I am speechless ~.~


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