Thursday, September 15, 2011

Merdeka Celebration !

When I came to school,
I saw a girl from other school with her parents standing in front of the "Pejabat Am."
Maybe she's from Chung Hua.
The first thing I thought when I saw the girl was Corina Sim.
I once told Corina that I missed her and I remembered she said that a new student will come the next Semester for sure. They always does -.-"

Eanaa sat in front of me during assembly and we talked a lot.
Poor Sharon.
No one to talk to.

I saw Lim Zheng Hui's hand.
It was "casted"? <-- I don't know how to spell it. Lol?
I heard that he was cutting wood during camp and accidentally hit his left hand.
One of his vein "putus."
So, now his pointing finger is unable to move?

I kept looking at Zheng Hui during assembly.
He looked like G-Dragon.
Seriously.. - From my point of view xD
I told Eanna.
But, she said that Zheng Hui is more handsome than G-Dragon.
Yea, true xD

Today's assembly was GREAT!
There were lots of performance.
Dancing, reciting poem, drama, etc..
I love drama the most.
Bet you all know why xD
Raphael was in it.
He was soooo HANDSOME!
And and and, FUNNY.. Of course >.<
1 Malaysia dish huh?
I wanna try it =P

Before heading back to class,
We chanted "Merdeka!" 7 times.
It was FUN! xD

Ei? Cecilia didn't come and look for me.
I thought she wanted to ask me something.

P/S: My English is getting worse -.-"

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