Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wood carving :)

*Art lesson*
Here's the thing,
I carved a ♥, R and a ★ on a wood.
Some people saw me doing it.
And, guess what did they say.
They said,
"Robin Chong ka?"
Some said,
"Yerrr.. Raphaelll.."
It was too late to re-do it.
Since I knew Raphael likes someone else.
I started to carve it last week - on Tuesday.
And on that day too,
Cecilia told me that he likes someone else -.-"
I was about to throw it.
But, I couldn't possibly do that.
My art teacher assigned us to do it -.-

Eanaa told me to get over him.
Because he is not worth it.
Sharon told me to burn all of his pictures, even the ones in my wallet -.-"
Cruel much xD


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