Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Somehow embarassing =.="

This morning was damn funny.
It's like this.
My class was chosen to go for a "Pantun" competition.
The competition was supposed to be next week - 20 September.
But, when it was time for BM lesson.
The teacher rushed in and said,
"Hari ini pertandingan. Saya baru je tau. Cikgu Effendi tengah call bas untuk bawa kamu semua."
All the 20 students from my class went there.
Only 14 people were left..haha.
I kept laughing.
I heard that a lot of them haven't memorize.
I saw Azman started to memorize the "Pantun." xD
Khairunisa didn't even memorize.
And and and, I just found out that our school is in 3rd place.
Wow! Unbelievable O.o
No practice, no nothing.
Gets 3rd place. OMG!

While I was waiting for Sharon at the canteen.
Valdo looked at me and said,
"Raphael Tang!"
I was kinda blurr -.-"

After that,
Sharon and I went to the toilet.
When we walked back from the toilet,
We passed by 4E1's classroom - as always.
I saw Valdo coming and I tried to walk as fast as I could.
Guess what!
He shouted my name,
"Karen Tan! Karen Tan! Why don't you say "Hi" to me? I know Raphael Tang!"
Embarassing much.
In my heart, I was like,
"Crazy bah this boy."


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