Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can't pay attention!

All the subject teachers gave us a lot of homework.
If there are lots of homework to do,
Then, there's no need for HOLIDAY anymore.

Today was just another boring day in school.
And and, Corina was absent.
At first, I thought she would turned up late - I guessed wrong.

After that, for "Prinsip Perakaunan" class,
This is rather embarrassing..haha.
Not for me, but my friend.
Tham Sing Yew wants to borrow RM4 from me..haha.
There, I said it!
But I did not borrow him any since I don't have any small change.
I have a RM50 note at that time.
Melody, if you're reading this. SORRY!
Tham Sing Yew and Aubrey keep talking behind me.
I cannot pay attention to what the teacher was saying you know.

*Class Ends*
I saw Raphael in the school hall.
He was wearing a cap and he looked HOT + CUTE!
Haha..he was wearing a pink shirt (BSMM) xD
And, we looked at each other too.
I heard Kelvin Wong said to him,"RAPHAEL!!! KAREN!". hahahahahahaha..
Then, I smiled all the way home.
Because I was happy, of course! :D


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