Friday, January 28, 2011

I blushed xD

This morning, in school, at 8.10am,
Kelvin Wong came to my class to write a notice about Macdougal's foot drill.
When I saw him, I thought Raphael was with him.
So, I looked outside,
But still, no sign of Raphael.
I was daydreaming while looking outside til Raphael appeared all of the sudden.
He saw me and I saw him.
And then, he came into my class to look at what Kelvin wrote on the blackboard.
That time I put my head down because I was blushing.
Everyone in class was saying, "Karen.." and "err hemm".
Syarfaizzul said to me, "Karen, kamu suka dia kan?"
Then, Darren said to Raphael, "Raphael, dia suka kamu" - a lot of times.
Raphael just waved his hand.
After Raphael and Kelvin left, Azman said to me, "wahhh! Raphael! Sanggup dia oh..datang sini cari kamu. Memang cinta sejati"

I went to 4E3 because Eileen asked me to look for her - about the Chinese Club valentines'.
But, I didn't saw Raphael.
The bell rang after that.
So, I decided to run down the stairs.
6 steps before the stairs, Raphael was coming up with his Science book xD
I just pretend that I didn't saw him.

And, thanks to Chan Yik Khan for telling what Raphael wants, that is a wallet. He suggested leather xD


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