Friday, March 18, 2011

Hehe xD

Good afternoon everyone.
Well, today I don't really have much to tell about.
Kelvin went for Basketball training this morning.
He loves basketball, like me.
Tapi, dia terlalu obsess..haha
But, I did webcam with Kelvin xD
Our first webcam..hehe
*He took this picture* haha

He wrote this during webcam-ing just now.. hehe. I love that one. *Focus on the K and heart*

And, yesterday I took this picture.
For your information, I wrote the number 59 on 15 March 2011.
But, I took the picture on 17 March 2011..haha.
I don't know who's hand print is that.
Want to know why I wrote 59?
It is because I like the number 5 and he like the number 9 >.<

*In 5L5* xD
Last night, my mother saw my wallpaper picture in my phone - Me and Kelvin.
Then, she asked me, "Anymore picture?"
I said, "No."
My mother said, "ha?? only 1?" 
That's it..hahaha.

And, to Eanaa.
She said, "You two looks cute together."