Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I received my exam papers.
Haih, worse marks in my whole life.
I never get this low before.
I mean for Bahasa Malaysia.
For Sejarah and Mathematics, I know I was going to fail both of this subject.
I got 36% for Bahasa Malaysia, 31% for Sejarah and 27% for Mathematics.
This is the first time I get below 30% for my Maths.
But, it's okay.
This is my first exam for this year.
I don't mind failing.
I am just afraid that I would fail in the other semesters.

*School Ends*
I saw Kelvin outside the "Pejabat am" and we both walked until in front of block A's notice board.

My favourite subject = English literature. I love all the stories.
This is what on top of my bed looks like when I don't know what homework do I have. (took this using my other phone)
And and and, I took this picture for fun.. xD (not clear..lol)

Last, but not least.
Did this at around 3 o'clock just now..hahahahahaha.
*It means Kelvin loves Karen equal 3K.
3K means some kind of prefect..hahaha.
He is the 3K head prefect xD

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