Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Kelvin and I quarreled 2 days ago.
I feel so bad about it.
It was all my fault.
Blame it on me.

Today, I saw Kelvin.
He looked so pale.
So, during recess,
I asked him,
"Got drink water ma?"
He answered, "Got"

And and, I took care of the ICT room.
Because I am the ICT prefect NOW !
I was in charge until 5pm instead of 4pm.
What the hell, the form 3 students kept on opening/pushing/hitting the ICT door.
So, I scold them.
But, they deny for not opening the door.
Luckily the ICT president came and helped me xD
Thanks Rusdi :)

Kelvin, take care :) Love you!

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