Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aww.. ^^

I've been coming to school on holidays *yawning*
And, I am not complaining.
Just saying that I don't have enough sleep.
Coming to school for 3K duty.
Need to paint and spray the tables + chairs.

Kelvin arr..
Why is 3K duty so tiring?
Answer me!!! Hahaha.. Just kidding =P
Ishhh.. My back hurts for bending down too much.
So does my leg for walking and running here and there.
But, as long as I can see Kelvin, I am already happy.

Here's a picture on 15 March 2011.
Our first picture.
Credits to Leong Poh Kiong xD

And, Kelvin arr..
Just now I took 3 pictures of you spraying my class table =P

Love you Kelvin :D


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