Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is the time Mr. K became my BOYFRIEND! xD

Let me tell you how it started...!!
I started to like Mr. K on the second day of sports day.
That time, Claudia and I was coming  up to the grand stand.
We saw Mr. K and Claudia immediately said, "Don't you have anything fun to do?"
Mr. K answered, "Support me." and smiled.
And that was when I started to fell in love.
I know right >.<

*messaging* I realized that he kept asking me who I like.
But I forced him to say out first.
Finally, he said he like me. OMG!
*smiling* Then, I told him that I like him too.
At 6.50pm, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
OMG! This makes my heart beat so fast.
And, I accepted him :)

I will reveal Mr. K in the next post..

P/S : I still love Raphael :')


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