Friday, October 7, 2011

Love again huh?

My class used 3T4's class today.
My class last year.
I miss it so much =P

During recess,
I need to pass the Gerko card to Azalea..again!
But then AGAIN,
I saw Cecilia,
So, I passed it to her.
She even asked,
"Who's the guy?"
I replied,
"He's at the side."
She continued,
"That was a close one. Is the guy from my class?"
Me: "Hmm.. Yea."
Cecilia: "Oh! I know who it is."
Me: "What's the guy's initial then?"
Cecilia: "R! Oh, R again." *Hits me with her book. -.-"

*Facebook! Facebook!
Cecilia asks me on Facebook too.
This girl is trying to know everything xD
She even asked me to try go for him.
But, thanks to her, I know some things too =P
Thanks Cecilia.

P/S: I can't tell the world about this xD


1 comment:

  1. GAHAHAHA!!! it wasn't a book la woman!! it was Fel's GERKO card! xD