Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm sorry, my friend.

Went to church this morning.
Learned a new song.
I forgot what was it called.
I don't know why, but.. I love to sing church's songs :D
And and and,
I saw Roystance wearing his prefect shirt to church.
Kacak eh baju ya - Roy juak :D
1 board, 1 family - 1 papan, 1 keluarga xD

Around 1 in the afternoon,
While I was in my room,
Philip Chen waited for me outside my house and missed call my old number.
I heard the call, but then it stopped - phone out of battery -.-
So, I charged it - forgot to check who called.
I was thinking that, "Who could've called my old number? Weird.."
I am so stupid - I only check my other phone for calls and texts -.-
I texted Philip at 7 something using my new number after I saw missed calls on my old phone.
He told me that he missed call me and waited for me for quite some time.
I kept texting, "Sorry." to him.
I'm sorry, I didn't know D:
*I know he'll read what I wrote - he always does.

My mom bought "Cloud 9" yesterday.
And, I didn't know.
My little sister brought it to me and said,
"Karen, BIG BANG!"
I was like, "Huh?" - and looked at the packet.
Wow! Nice~~

P/S: I've just created a Tumblr for myself. I don't know why, but I just did :)
Here's the link

Cloud 9's packet xD


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