Wednesday, October 26, 2011

G-Dragon's Facebook account?

Went to school early today - 10 minutes early.
I was the 5th person to arrive.
Is this for real?
Only 20 people were present -.-"

Assembly today.
About "Kempen Mencuci Tangan Sedunia."
And and and,
During the "Kebersihan Kelas" announcement,
5L6 was the winner.
The class monitor stood up and turn to his back with his hands in front of his mouth doing :O
He ran up on stage to receive the trophy and smile.
Hahahaha. FUNNY xD

Didn't studied anything -.-"
Did nothing.
Just sleep, sleep, sleep.
No use of coming to school.
All I want is to get my Geography exam paper.

Asyraf told everyone that I cut my hair -.-
He said that my hair looked short.
I only knew that he told everyone after school.

And and and, 
I found K-Pop artists FB accounts.
Almost most of them.
Bangga eh rasa. Hahahaha.

But I only added G-Dragon as friend :)
But but but, he has 3 FB account D:
I only added 2.
 This one says.. Sex: Male (Added)

This one has everything. Friends and fans writing on his wall. (Added)

This one says.. Sex: Female -.- (Not added) =P

Haha.. And,
I asked Theresa to make a Twitter account of her own.
And she asked me to do it.
So, I did.
Her username is @TheresaWui
Follow her NOWW!! xD

I don't know why but I love this picture so much.
Maybe because it's true. Lol?


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