Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things that shouldn't happen during exams xD

This morning,
Before exam started,
Daim said,
"Matematik keluar esei."

First was English Paper 2,
1 more summary before I am done,
I went to the toilet - 9am <--specific xD
On my way out,
Everyone kept,
"Shhhh-ing." me especially Asyraf -.-"

On my way to the toilet,
I saw, I saw Raphael.
He was on his way to his block's staircase.
I felt regret that I didn't go 5 minutes earlier D:

I returned Eanaa's comic books.
Finally :D
It's been months since I borrowed her books.

During English's Paper 1 exam,
Azman and Darren exchanged one side of their shoe to see the size differences.
The teacher saw Darren's shoe and immediately snatch it. Haha.
Azman was afraid that the teacher would do the same to his shoe that he quickly put it on.
But before he could,
Asyraf took Azman's shoe and threw it across the room.
Masturina asked,
"Kasut sapa tok?"
The teacher heard her and snatch the shoe as well.
So, both Azman and Darren lost one side of their shoe.

While writing the essay,
Elizabeth kept asking me to translate words for her.
Asyraf too.
I remembered Asyraf asked me,
What's "kemudahan" in English.
And and and,
I have no time to finish my Section B D:
Because I re-do my Section A.
*tsk tsk*
I only managed to write 256 words T_T
I chose number 4.
The question was:
Write a story ending with: "It was finally over."
Well, everyone knows who am I writing about.
Duhh! Who else is there xD

*What I want to say:
I used to love English and now I don't.
Since a new teacher was assigned to replace Mr. Edmund,
My English had gotten worst.
But, when I'm blogging, my English is rather good. Only 'good.' :)
Weird O.o

P/S: Finally! Mr. Edmund has a Facebook account :D


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