Tuesday, October 25, 2011

G-Dragon's Twitter account


For this last day of the exam,
I had Mathematics 1 and 2.
It was freaking hard D:
Even though I have studied til 1 -.-"
My brain started to malfunction during the exam.

As for PSV,
Kacang je.. xD

As always (Mozilla Firefox + Google Chrome),
I log in to,
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Blogger
- Formspring
- Hotmail

I saw G-Dragon's Twitter account.
I was like, "OMG!" + *eyes were full of hope* xD
I followed him immediately and felt so happy.
Finally!! I found his twitter account :D
Thanks to: Michellea Tifannie - a follower of mine (I saw it on her Twitter profile while viewing)
Plus, I got 6 new followers - bragging xD

And and and,
Tomorrow's my 1 year anniversary on Twitter. Lol?

Reminder to myself:
2 more days til ZEE's birthday :D

A million thanks to her for putting G-Dragon's name on her biodata :D

G-Dragon's Twitter account ♥

 I love this picture of ZEE. That's why I put it as the fan page's profile picture :D

 After ZEE's haircut D:


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