Monday, May 9, 2011

Moment spoiled D:

I was took care of the ICT room today.
I was all alone.
No internet in the ICT room for 3 hours =.="
And then, CW and Jia Hui came in :)
CW said,
"How's your test today? Okay?" in chinese.
I just reply, "En." *heartless xD*
After that, he sat beside me.
We didn't talk.
All of the sudden Jia Hui said,
"Let me go away first. Let you two talk. Don't just keep quiet." - in Chinese.

Few minutes after that, Cikgu Anang came in and catch Jia Hui + CW D:
Haih, teacher arr.. Why do you need to spoil everything.
I was about to talk to CW
Sad D:


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