Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to me~

Well, well, well. What day is it?
It's my birthday xD
Today was truly an unforgettable day. Special thanks to Cecilia Berador, Sharon Christabelle, Othman Lim, Heng Der Zhan and Chan Yik Khan for forcing/dragging Raphael down to wish me a happy birthday.

Well, it happened during recess xD *few minutes before 10m*
That time, I was in 4E8. I was eating with Sharon Henry and Felicia. And, all of the sudden, I heard noises outside the class. The first person I saw was Heng, followed by Cecilia, Raphael and lastly Sharon C.
Othman! Where were you? xD

Oh right, my story. Hmm.. Where was I? Ah, okay. Now I remember. I heard noises and saw Cecilia was pulling Raphael? LOL~ Raphael was forced to go into 4E8. After that, he said, "Hi!" with one of his hands up.

Then, finally, he blurt it out loud
He said,

Man! I was blushed. Everyone who saw and heard everything were making certain noises like, "woo" and 'weewit" hahahaha~

After that, I really can't stop smiling. I was so happy xD
Lots of people even said that Raphael is a gentleman xD *HE IS* - I feel proud ^^

P/S : My prayer on the night before my birthday was for Raphael to say happy birthday to me. And it came true. Thanks to the people that I had mentioned earlier and God as well~

If English exam was today, I would totally write about this on my essay. Sadly, it was yesterday. But, still, I wrote about him. My essay title was "The happiest day of my life" xD


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