Friday, May 20, 2011


Hmm.. Today, I was supposed to look for Jia Hui during recess, but I forgot =.="
Whatever!?!! Haha..
Jia Hui uploaded CW's picture that she took yesterday on Facebook and tagged me in it >.<

Here it is..
Cute right? Hahaha xD

After school, I have 3K meeting. At about 12 to 1.15pm at 5L4. It's about the 3K camp.
Then, at 3pm, I have to go for a party in my class. A simple party organized by us - 4E9 students - for our beloved Miss Mabel :) Food and drinks.. Lots of them. I wanted to eat all of it..haha. I was so full after eating.. I feel like puking. After eating, we all took pictures >.<

Here is my picture that my friend took for me.. *LOL*

And here's my class picture.. *4E9*
 I'm next to Miss Mabel xD


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