Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day for CW and Miss Mabel :(

Today might be a happy day for most people. But, not for me. Because today is the last day I saw CW and Miss Mabel - my English teacher :(

After exam, we - 4E9 students - arranged the tables back according to the labels. After that, we took lots of pictures with Miss Mabel in and outside class using Miss Mabel's camera. LOTS I TELL YOU! xD

Then, during recess, my friends and I went to eat at a bench outside the assembly hall. Jia Hui saw me and called CW to come over. I waved goodbye to CW. He waved back and smiled. *LOL*
Adilla and Elizabeth knows him now.. xD Both of them saw him for the first and last time..

*Assembly starts*
During assembly, Miss Mabel and her sister, Madam Magdaline gave their last speech. Miss Mabel cried. Aww.. :( I almost cried just looking at her. But, I managed to control my tears :)
No longer after that, I saw Mr. Wong Kung Kui followed by CW was going somewhere. *Is he in trouble?* Then, it was time to go home. I saw CW's car, if not mistaken - QMR 5689.

Weird! Eanaa told me that she and CW used the same bus today. Permy Jaya's bus. But, he stopped at Servay Hypermarket. *WTH is he doing there?* =.="


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