Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yay xD

Today, I take care of the ICT again xD

Haha. Few minutes before afternoon session's recess, I went down to canteen because I was hungry. Then, when I came up, the recess bell rang. Jia Hui asked me to follow her down to the canteen. So, yeah, I went with her. When we were at the canteen, CW was behind me and put his hand over my shoulder xD

After that Jia Hui asked him to buy something for her. Then, she asked me, "Karen! Want to buy anything or not? Ask him to buy" in chinese :) I just said no. After that, we came back upstairs into the ICT room. CW came in no longer after that too. He talked to me as usual. Not like yesterday xD He keep smiling at me today. I can't stop smiling looking at him xD


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