Thursday, May 19, 2011

I thought there was PJ today =.="

Hmmph! No PJ today. No use of wearing my PJ shirt to school =.="

Well, when I arrived school this morning, I walked with Theresa into the school compound until Block C. On our way, Lam Jii Hoe called me and asked for my essay. I told him that it was in my file. I was afraid that he would rip off my paper =P When Theresa and I passed the canteen, CW was there looking at me. How did I know? Theresa told me..hahahaha. Theresa and I was talking about Soo Wen..

During recess, I went to the assembly hall because Jia Hui told me to. When I arrived there, I saw Jia Hui was waiting with CW =.=" *WTH?* So, I sat beside CW. Sheesh! CW kept looking at me =.=" I was so nervous.. After that, the 3 of us moved to a "hut" in front of the Bilik Guru. Then, the school bell rang. I went back to class and smile like what.. =.="



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